I know as an entrepreneur, sometimes it feels like you are all alone on an island.  Or maybe you are wishing it was an island, but it’s really just a small room in your basement.  Either way – it can get lonely. Which is why it’s important to surround yourself with people that lift you up, encourage you, and make you a better business owner.  For me – I’m lucky to have a few of those! All 3 are super important and crucial to my success.


Before I talk about the most important business people in my life, it’s important to point out that one of the reasons these relationships work well is because we have systems in place to support them.  I will talk more about those later, but I wanted to put that little bug in your ear for now 🙂


First, my actual team. Oh glory. I would not make it through my day without these ladies.  Seriously. They are amazing. Every.single.one. I am so fortunate to have an incredible team that support me.  My company is set up that they do the implementation for our clients, while I do the sales, marketing, operations, etc.  So they are working directly with all my clients.


Most everything we do has a process. It’s part of why we are so successful.  My team can look at the checklists I have created for all our clients and internal processes.  It took a while to set up that way, but it works awesomely. (That’s a word, right??)


One of the systems we use that makes a huge difference for us is our Onboarding System.  You can read more about it by downloading our eBook 2 Systems Every Entrepreneur Must Have.


Second, my accountability partner.  Someone asked me last week how I found an accountability partner and what makes it work.  I pondered that for a minute before answering. We met a couple of years ago, but the actual accountability part didn’t start until about 6 months ago.  We realized that we were talking almost everyday anyway, so why not add in some actual business goals. Now, we talk every morning to declare our “big rocks” for the day (Read more about those in our eBook here) and then at the end of the day we check in again.  It’s been so helpful to have that support. And if I didn’t get something done, she is the first to ask me why not.  


It can take a while to find the right person, but once you do it’s amazing. We have been very clear about defining our boundaries and expectations of the relationships (aka our system).  We wanted to make sure we are on the same page and both getting something out of it. It also helps to keep us on track with our calls instead of getting lost in conversation about what happened on the most recent episode of the Bachelor.


Third, my marketing coach.  Oh boy does she keep my in line.  And I need it most days too. Believe it or not, we have a system here too.  We have monthly calls complete with homework. We also have weekly check-ins to make sure I’m on track.  We have a content calendar that keeps me focused on the content I should be producing.


I have worked with several coaches in the past and no-one is a one-size-fits-all. You need to find one that you mesh with.  For me, I like the constant communication.  I need it alot of times too. Some people may not like that much.  Whatever you need, find what works for you. But it helps to have someone in your corner cheering you on even on those days when you aren’t cheering yourself.


Moral of the story – you MUST have a support system in place. It will be different for everyone, but it’s important to have one.  Business support and personal support are two completely different things in my book, but it’s crucial to have support in both too.  And of course, there is always a place for systems in those relationships 🙂

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