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Work-life balance.  To me that is a little bit of an icky phrase.  No matter how hard I try, my life is never perfectly balanced.  I try my best to have a routine and structure, I really do, but let’s be honest – it doesn’t always work.

In spite of that, I do get asked OFTEN how I manage life with a thriving business, 2 small children and another on the way, and a great marriage – because it does require some semblance of balance. There are a couple of big things that I always touch on when I’m asked about that.

  1. We have a great babysitter! At first I was really against sending my kids to a sitter because the reason I left the corporate world in the first place was to have more time with my kids.  BUT I have learned that having my kids go to the sitter a few hours a day actually makes me a BETTER mom. I’m more focused on my kids when they are home instead of trying to manage work and kids at the same time.  Then no one gets my full attention.
  2. Date night.  My husband and I are super diligent about date night each week. We don’t go out every week. Sometimes it’s just watching a movie and putting away our phones.  Sometimes it’s folding laundry by candlelight.  Just kidding. Although sometimes we do have to get super creative. The point is, it’s super important to us to have time together without work distracting either of us.
  3. Systems.  I have been talking a lot about these recently in this blog and in Facebook Live. Before I systemized everything, I was working close to 60 hours a week.  You can imagine how hard that was and how unenjoyable life was. Well now – I work about 20 hours a week. Very rarely at night and on the weekends (unless I have a big project coming up). It’s pretty awesome.

Systems is a pretty versatile word though.  To me, I create a system for anything I do more than once. Seriously. Anything. Grocery shopping, laundry, managing my email, how I manage new clients.

The first step to creating more structure is to figure out what you need to systematize.  So I tell my clients and friends, keep a list of anything you do twice. It’s a good starting place. Work on that list for a few days.  Then go through it an pick out the top 2 that take the most time in your day. Those are the systems you want to create first. I like to then write out the steps that are included in that process.  This will give you a pretty good idea of what is working and what isn’t.

The best thing about having systems though – is then you know easily what you can outsource.  What is taking the most time and where you could use some help. For example. With dinner. I realized I was always getting dinner on the table later than I planned b/c I didn’t have time to set the table.  So now, my 4 year old sets the table while I cook. See systems can be used in your home life too.

What suggestions do you have to create better work-life balance in your life?  I would love to hear!

And If you want to learn more about the amazingness of systems and how to use them, I have a course now available on my website to help you with exactly this.  It walks you through how to create the systems needed in your business, so you have more time, energy, and it’s more enjoyable.


You can find out more info at www.admin-ease.com/courses.



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