Let’s get real for a second… the only reason that the kitchen stays clean is because my husband helps me with the dishes.

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No matter what business you’re in, I’m willing to bet that you’re in the same boat. You’ve got some sort of partner, team member, employee, or behind-the-scenes supporter who’s helping you make things happen. And if they’re anywhere near as amazing as my husband, then you’re probably busting at the seams trying to tell everyone how awesome they are.

Show off your team’s mad skills

When you add your team to the ‘About Us’ page, think about giving each team member a short bio. Maybe your writer helps them polish it, maybe you let them do it themselves to build some extra character, or maybe you write about how awesome they are at what they do. No matter what, let your team shine.

Build up your team – and, by extension, your employee satisfaction levels.

Show off their mad skills and let your clients and target audience see just what and who they can look forward to working with at your company.

When you showcase your team it builds team unity

Letting your team be the face of your business is more than just a good way to build team unity – it’s also a great way to give them an increased stake or ownership in your business. They’re going to want to do a better job because you’ve just shown everyone that they’re a valued part of your team!


Show your audience the people behind the brand to build your brand

Finally, when you add your team to the ‘About Us’ page, it lets them see the people behind your brand. And when people have another person to connect with, it’s only going to make their connection with your brand that much stronger. (Can we say “win-win”?)

There’s all sorts of ways to showcase your team – but adding your team to your website (or featuring them on social media!) is a great way to not only showcase their talents and abilities, it’s also a great way to build brand loyalty, team unity, and employee satisfaction.

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