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As I sit here eating ice cream, let me tell you how many times I’ve set New Year’s resolutions to get fit at the gym. It’s pretty much every year. And do you know how often I go to the gym?

Let’s be honest… I don’t know where it is.

boss-fight-stock-images-photos-free-photography-woman-running-sprint-960x640New Year’s resolutions need to be replaced

In my experience, New Year’s resolutions aren’t much more than wishes or fantasies. They’re great in theory, but they hardly ever turn into anything concrete. And when they do become a reality, it’s because somebody didn’t just make a resolution: they made a goal and had a plan.

That’s why resolutions are generally doomed. They hardly ever have a concrete plan in place to make them a reality. So, let’s change that. Let’s set some New Year’s SMART goals, ‘mkay?

Goals with planning get results

So while my resolution to go to the gym hasn’t ever worked, my recent goal to exercise has been getting great results. I just don’t exercise at the gym. It’s never been my thing, so I quit trying to fight myself and, instead, found a way to make things happen.

  • SPECIFIC: I made a specific goal to get back to my pre-baby weight and fitness level. Okay, so I want to be stronger and fitter than before because carrying kids around all day is exhausting.
  • MEASURABLE: I’ll be able to measure my fitness goals because we took measurements. That was a humbling moment, but it’s good to see what progress I need to make.
  • ACHIEVABLE: Can I do this? Sure. My husband and I’ve got exercise equipment set up in the basement. We’ve gotten several workouts set up so that we can alternate cardio and strength training. And we’ll be each other’s workout buddies. We’ve got a solid plan in place.
  • REALISTIC: The only hard part is getting up earlier. But because we’re both committed, it’s been happening. Sure, we’re both grumpy for the first few minutes, but we’re getting into shape.
  • TIME-BOUND: We’re not just hoping we do this for ‘forever.’ We’ve got a set timetable – not only do we have our set workout time, but we also have set goals at the week and month marks to keep us on track.

woman-dropped-fail-failure-largeThe only other part of this goal that I didn’t detail relates back to the fact that I’m eating ice cream as I write this. Having a goal that only addresses half of the issue is also doomed to failure. That’s where more planning will help save your bacon.

Thankfully, there’s another acronym to help us keep moving forward and planning so that we can achieve our goals, rather than wasting another year’s worth of gym memberships. That’s PIE, but that’s a dish for another day.

What are your New Year’s goals? If you’re ready to make sure that your business soars, we’re here to help you achieve that goal. Just give us a call and let’s chat about how to get the ball rolling

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