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Why having a content strategy is critical RIGHT NOW

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, there is a lot of damage being done in the world right now because of a virus (and I’m not talking about the computer kind). 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a crystal ball, ouija board, or a little peek into God’s planner so you knew exactly what to do in response? 

Having a content strategy, especially during times like this is so incredibly important.  It’s what’s going to get you through the moments when you don’t know what to post online or you don’t know what’s appropriate to address in your videos that week.  

It will also help your content convert and make you money, when everything else is declining.  And we all want to make more money right?? [You should be nodding your head yes right now.]

Content matters, friends!  It’s the fuel that changes the world.  It inspires movements. It changes people’s lives and how they feel.  It gets people to be brave, to speak up, to take action, and feel less alone. 

Your content, your mission, your message, the movement you are trying to create is already within you. I promise you it’s already there. You may just need the push to share it with the world. 

Sometimes we muck up our message by posting about it without understanding how to share it and strategically reach our ideal client.

There are so many things to consider with your content

  • When you release certain pieces, how you get them to speak to your audience
  • Which posts comes first, which comes next
  • What do we need now, and 
  • What do you never talk about again after you released it that one time  

But this is the other part of it. Your content needs to drive. It needs to head somewhere. It needs to be intentional. You shouldn’t just be throwing up posts just so you get your posting done for the day.  You need to know where it’s going, how long it will take, and have fun while you are doing it, right? Cause what’s the point if you don’t enjoy it?

You need to have that too in order to get your content really landing. 

It needs to drive.  

It needs to head in the right direction. 

It needs to pace. 

It needs to follow a particular path.

It needs to invite people to rise to the occasion and act. 

Again, that’s true any time, but right now week by week by week, how it drives, where it’s going, the path it’s taking, and the pace it’s going at is rapidly changing from one week to the next. 

And when we get over this emergency for a little while, it will still change, at least every quarter. 

That’s a guarantee. 

And most people who are marketing and put together a plan for a year or social media calendar for months, if they stick with it, they are risking not just being irrelevant, which would be painful, but they are risking having no audience. 

I used to plan my content by month.  I was really good at it. I would sit down every few weeks and plan exactly what I was going to do on every platform for the next month. I would review my analytics to see what was driving.  It worked. Then at the beginning of this year, i changed to plan in 1-2 week increments because i found that my content was becoming irrelevant by the end of each month.

Now I plan my content week by week.  Is it more work? Yes. Is my content more relevant? Yes. Do we do this for our clients too? Absolutely.

If your content doesn’t grab your audience, you will lose them for good.  And if you aren’t posting consistently and showing up frequently, then you will be drowned out by all the other players.

That’s where a content strategist like myself comes in. 

I help you free up time and leverage it so you don’t need to spend all your time that doesn’t make you money, by learning what the content people are saying and what the trends are. 

You make money when someone helps save you time and gives you the answers that you need to know so you can implement and still have time to build your business to a new level. 

In case you didn’t know, Content is the fuel that changes the world and right now, the world needs your message!  I am so passionate about having a strategy for your social media and content.

That’s why I’m inviting you to a Quarterly Content Strategy Call

This call is meant to share the strategies for what you should be using RIGHT NOW with your content and on social media.  I will be sharing how you can show up for your audience, be a leader, and even make money in the next few months.

Last week before I launched, I drastically reduced the investment.  This is the time for us to lead. And it’s also time to discover how, with the content changes I will discuss, content and visibility can change the trajectory for your business in all the ways you dream. 

The next Quarterly Content Call is on Monday, April 6th.  (And yes, it will be recorded!)

We don’t have a crystal ball, a ouija board, or God’s planner to tell what’s going to happen and what we need to do going forward.  

But we do have quarterly calls and that’s the next best thing to get you exactly where you need to go.  I invite you to sign up now.  

Because you are my people, use the code “quarantine” for 25% off the already low investment – either for the 1-time call or the annual option.

There is a lot that’s going to change as we move forward. And the old ways of planning for a year at a time are not going to work. You sense that. You see we are in a lot of change. And this is better than a year planner. Sign up now.

Yes, things are shutting down.

But that does not have to be YOU.

You can make bold moves now to get some momentum.