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As the holiday season gets closer and closer, I’m reminded at how important balance is.

I have to balance buying a few gifts for my kids with not spoiling them. I have to also balance having time to make any homemade gifts while knowing I have small kids who like to “help.”

And, finally, I need to balance work and home.

Balance: it requires constant adjustmentsbalance2

As I recently read Crystal Paine’s new book, “Money Making Mom,” she references a tight rope walker. The visual was a perfect analogy for balance and real life. As you are trying to balance work and family and home and chores and all of the other million tasks you have to do, it requires constant adjustment to stay upright.

Trying to only make adjustments once a quarter, for example, is a great way to fall off of that tight rope. Adjustments need to be made on a regular and frequent basis if you want to survive both as a tight rope walker and as a regular, non-tight-rope-walking person.

How can you balance life regularly?calendar2

The best way that I’ve found to try to stay balanced is through regular evaluation of my priorities. After all, it’s when I forget my priorities that I get pulled too far in one direction – and that’s when things go crazy and I start to feel overwhelmed.

With regular evaluation, though, I can keep things more balanced. I can stay in better control of what’s going on in my life, with my family, and in my business.

One way I do this is by color coding my calendar. That way, I can make sure I’m taking time for myself, to grow spiritually, to spend time with my family, to grow my business, and all those other million tasks I’m responsible for on a daily basis.

Another trick is to take 15 minutes each night to plan the next day. Now, I’m usually having to plan things several days (okay, try weeks and months!) in advance, but it’s nice to have that 15 minutes anyway! Why? I can use that 15 minutes to make sure that I’ve got some great things planned to do with my kids. Even if that means we’re staying at home to play robots or Legos.

image20Being balanced means greater happiness in life

As I mentioned earlier, it’s when things get out of balance that I start to feel more stressed, overwhelmed, and crazy. It’s when I’ve been making those little adjustments, all throughout the day, that I’m more centered and balanced.

And, when I’m more balanced, I’m happier. My family is happier. My clients are happier. Things go better and life is, for the most part, pretty darn amazing.

So I’m going to keep making those regular adjustments, thank you very much, because I like to have a balanced, happy life. I like being able to help my clients and partners to grow their businesses and I love the positive impact that it has on everyone in my life.

Cheesy? Totally. But it’s still worth it.

Are you ready to find better balance? If you’re ready to see how delegating vital business tasks to a valued associate, like Admin-ease, can restore your balance, then let’s talk.

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