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Have you ever tried to be available 24/7 to a client?

Okay, so in this case my “client” was my son when he was a newborn. Yes, he was adorable. Yes, it was a precious time and I loved (almost) every minute of it. However, I learned very quickly that being available 24/7 for *anything* isn’t possible for very long.

Guess what? You can’t market your business 24/7, either.

At least, not without help or going insane. And since option #2 isn’t terribly appealing, we’re going to have to find help.

After all, you found help to make your services or products available 24/7, right? That’s what your website is for, after all. You’ve got that sucker set up to help you make sales while you’re asleep or a continent away or taking a shower. Why not apply similar thinking to your marketing?

It’s time to get marketing automation involved.

Okay, so what is marketing automation? Well, it exists on several levels. On the first level, there are ads.

Depending on your company, you’ll want to advertise in different places. Here’s a few places to consider:marketing automation

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn (because it’s AWESOME!)
  • Pinterest (yes, you can do sponsored pins)
  • Google AdWords
  • Amazon
  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Sponsoring a Little League team…

Okay, so you get it. There are a *LOT* of places you can advertise. Once the ad is set, it’s in motion. You should evaluate it periodically, but it’s not like you have to check it every other hour to make sure it’s still working or isn’t updating its Facebook status again. (the nerve!)

people-apple-iphone-writing-largeThere’s another level, though…

How do you follow up with people you meet through networking events? How do you touch base with leads you’ve collected over the last week?

Ideally, you’d be able to juggle personalized emails, letters, gifts, or whatever else yourself. But sometimes, life (or Murphy’s law) doesn’t let that happen. And you know what? That’s what marketing automation (via email) is for. Set up some automated emails, targeted to specific upcoming events, so that you can keep in contact with clients, leads, & colleagues with ease.

You can always add in an update or a broadcast, but that way you’ve got set up some automated emails to help build and strengthen those relationships. Because it’s those relationships that help your business grow. Just think about how much stronger those relationships could be if they had the support they really needed to flourish. Think about what kind of a powerful impact you could make on the lives of those around you. All from a few emails.

How are you automating your processes?

What’s the #1 thing you’d like to see automated this week? Maybe it’s something that you avoid doing on a regular basis – or maybe it’s a one-time thing. Either way, we’d love to know what it is that you’d like help with. Because, well, we want to help.

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