Grocery shopping is a necessary evil – made even harder when you’ve got energetic boys in tow. Every week, we get tons of supermarket ads, flyers, and coupons in the mail. I love knowing what’s on sale so I can meal plan… and I also love coupons (because free money is fantastic)… but the best, most effective grocery store marketing doesn’t come in the mail.

What’s the best advertising by supermarkets for a mom of small boys?

It’s two things:

  • Kid-sized shopping carts
  • Lollipops in the checkout lanes for kids “who were good” at the supermarket

My kids love going grocery shopping – as long as we’re going to the store with the “little shopping carts.” In fact, they’ll regularly point out that we’re out of apples or granola bars just so we can go go the grocery store.

Not all advertising is in print

TV watchingThis particular grocery store has made me a raving fan… because my kids love going to the grocery store. And, with the exception of a couple of small shopping cart-related crashes into my leg, the boys are on their best behavior so that they can keep their carts and earn a lollipop.

This kind of advertising isn’t something that’s easily transferable into a traditional ad. Sure, it could make a super cute video or a meme, but this store knows they don’t need to do that – because they’ve already hooked all of the small kids with their kid-sized shopping carts (and car-themed driving carts – seriously, I love that grocery store!).

But it resonates with their target audience

I live in an area that’s absolutely full of families and children. This store studied the demographics of the town – and absolutely catered to their target demographic. And it’s fantastic – we’ve got a great grocery store that we love to go to, and the store has broken several local sales records – by several magnitudes.

And here’s the important lesson…

watching-the-football-gameWhen you know your target audience as well as this grocery store does, you’re going to be able to do some extra advertising to turn your clients into raving fans. The extra advertising doesn’t all have to be done in print or social media, either. Lots of it can be done in person – once you get them in your doors!

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