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What is Visibility Marketing?

If you want to attract business, customers have to be able to find you.

It sounds obvious, but small business owners often waste time and energy on old-school marketing practices or looking for an obscure magic marketing formula that brings in sales.

But the formula for success isn’t complicated, and it isn’t a secret:

If you want to attract customers, you have to get your brand in front of them.

Of course, you have to have the product, build trust and prove integrity to get the sale, but without attention from the market, you won’t be selling to anyone.  

What you need is a visibility marketing strategy.

What is Visibility Marketing?

Visibility marketing is how your brand builds the know-like-trust factors that attract and keep paying customers.

It’s all the ways you engage with potential clients, and they engage with you.  Every strategy you employ allows clients to hear about you, access you, and see you rise under the umbrella of visibility marketing.

What is your USP or your expertise?  Visibility marketing is getting that unique value in front of your ideal client to spark their interest.

Just like Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to lead them home, visibility marketing strategies are the breadcrumbs you leave to lead ideal clients to your virtual door.

You can’t sit at home and hope people show up.

When you offer unique value, share your expertise, and get your ideal client excited, you are encouraging your target market to take notice, take action and interact with your brand.

Why is it so important to small business owners?

It’s a crowded market where every problem has a solution, and every business has access to the global marketplace.  On the one hand, it means small businesses get a fair chance to build a brand and take a share of the market; on the other, competition is fierce.

Visibility marketing is how small businesses stand out from the crowd and carve out a corner of the market.

You don’t need to be showy, but you can’t be shy.  

Visibility marketing is low cost and highly effective allowing small businesses to compete with the companies that have whole teams dedicated to marketing and PR. Still, without it, no one will find out how great your brand is.

How to increase your visibility right now

The good news is that you can do many things to increase your visibility, and it won’t take months of planning and a huge marketing team.

Produce more content the smart way

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must create original content daily and for every platform.  Take one idea and repurpose it.  

Turn a blog post into a series of tweets, a LinkedIn article, a podcast, or a Facebook Live. 

Take your FAQs and respond to them in a YouTube video, Instagram posts, or TikTok videos.  

By sharing your valuable content across different platforms and in different ways.

Engage with your audience

This strategy is simple, effective, and really rewarding.  Get to know your potential clients and let them get to know you!

Respond to comments, answer questions, pose some questions and share your expertise.  By letting people see the person behind the brand, you will build trust, and nowadays, customers are choosy about who they give their money.  

Build your visibility organically through human-to-human connections because that’s something big businesses just can’t compete with.

Establish your expertise

Your brand is you, and you are your brand.  When people like and buy into a brand, it’s you they’re really buying.  So by raising your personal visibility, you’ll also raise the visibility of your service or product.

Make sure you are establishing your expertise as well as your brand.  

Think about what value you can give potential clients and share it.  Can you solve a common problem?  Can you explain a complex topic in a simple way?  Do you have an insight no one else has?

By networking online with your industry peers, sharing articles on professional sites like LinkedIn, and interacting with posts in your niche, you will raise your visibility and that of your brand.

Need some help creating a strategy to increase your visibility?  We’ll do the research.  We’ll create the strategy.  And you implement.  

Learn more about how the Visibility Marketing Blueprint can skyrocket your brand.