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What Is the Point of Online Visibility?

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If you’re selling a product or offering a service you’ll be familiar with the term ‘sales funnel’.  You get as many people as possible at the top of your funnel and nurture them through to become a client or a customer at the other end. 

So what role does online visibility play in the sales process?  Pretty much everything.

To get sales you need to attract people.  You could offer the best product or service in the world but if nobody sees it, nobody will buy it and as pretty much all customers are online, being visible in a crowded market is crucial.

So the real question is how do you increase your online visibility so you can capture as many people as possible and invite them to take the next steps with you?

There are four main stages of a sales funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

These stages are dependent on what you offer, but AWARENESS will always be the first stage and your visibility online is how strangers will become aware of you.

There are several free strategies you can use and it’s wise to use several to capture as many potential customers as possible.


Social media  

The key to success and sanity when marketing on social media is to choose your platforms carefully.  There’s no point investing your time and energy in all of them if your target market resides in only a few. 

When you’ve established the best platforms for you, it’s time to invest some time in them.

Brand engagement requires your engagement.

Social media marketing is not about spamming people with offers and sales messages, it’s about building relationships.  So like, comment and share other people’s content.  Follow like-minded businesses and people to expand the pool of people who will see your personal or business brand.

Before you can encourage people to take a journey with you, you need to establish yourself as someone people want to take a journey with.  That’s the top of your sales funnel.



Have you heard of the 4-1-1 rule of thumb? 

An ideal ratio of social media activity each week is to share:

  • 4 informational pieces of content that you have created (we want them to know YOUR message!)
  • post one highlighting a power partner, share a testimonial or piece of content that you enjoyed from a third party (the idea is to tag someone in this post for increased visibility)
  • one promotional post

This may sound upside down if you’re trying to drive sales but to get sales you need to raise awareness and posting endless promotional content into a void won’t get you anywhere.

Sharing insightful, clever and meaningful content helps to establish you as an authority in your field and as you add your own thoughtful and valuable content you’re associating yourself with the key players in your industry.


People consume content in different ways.  

Some like to listen to podcasts on their commute, some take in information better when it’s visual and others like to lose themselves in in-depth articles.

As you work on raising your visibility online, it’s important to reach people in a variety of ways to cast your net (top of your funnel) as widely as possible.  


Blog posts

Write mid and long-length blog posts on your website, then share links to them on your social media platforms so that readers will be directed back to you.  From there you can ask for email addresses or display other calls to action.


 It might seem like a scary step to take but people like to connect personally with brands and there’s no better way to make that connection than by speaking to your audience directly. 

There’s no need to think up brand new content; do a Facebook Live for a Q&A on your latest blog post or record a series of ‘How To’ shorts based on your key product or area of expertise.  


When you want to cover a topic in detail, an ebook is the way to do it.  You can offer it for free in exchange for an email address or share more broadly as a way to introduce yourself and what you do.  All you need is your ideas and a computer so it doesn’t need to cost you a penny.  

Creating an ebook is a great way of establishing your brand and boosting your online presence by building trust and authority.  By making sure your ebook solves a problem for readers and is packed with useful information and practical advice, you’ll attract a whole new audience into your funnel.

If you work on your online visibility you’ll see a positive impact on engagement, whatever that is for you.  So make sure you’re standing out from the crowd and telling as many people as possible about who you are and what you love to do.

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