SCHEDULE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIAWhen it comes to social media scheduling tools and third-party software, there’s a few great options out there. And while I could definitely recommend 2-3 of them right off the bat, that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. We’re here to discuss how you use them like an absolute BOSS.

But first, I want to tell you a little story about cookies. You see, my boys *LOVE* cookies. And they particularly love homemade ones. And they love to help me make them, because then I let them sneak some cookie dough. Does that mean I let them take over all of the cooking? Um, no way. They’re little and I’d like my kitchen to stay intact. Until they’re a little taller and more coordinated, they’ll stay as secondary helpers.

day-planner-calendar-organizer-schedule-monthlyScheduling tools are designed to help your engagement

Note that I said “help” – and not “replace.” It’s like having your kids do all of the cooking. Whether you’re using CoSchedule or HootSuite or Meet Edgar, you’ve got the option of using their platform to do *all* of your posting. However, I don’t recommend that.

Here’s why.

If you’re only using your third-party software to do your posting, then you’re replacing the social media platform. Their algorithms don’t like that. They’ll bump you down in visibility – which means less engagement, less shares, less likes, and fewer new fans.

So where’s the magic line between “help” and “replace”? Finding that magic line is different for everyone. It’s going to require some experimenting.

Here’s how to use them to help your engagement…

Where these applications really shine is when you give them specific tasks to drive your engagement. For example: Wednesday nights I know I’m busy and 100% unavailable. But I also know that those nights are a great time to post for my audience. So at that point, my options are to skip the post (and get ZERO engagement) or to use a scheduling tool to get some engagement. I’ll take door #2, thanks.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I’m going to schedule every post. Let’s say that Tuesday mornings are another great time for me to post – I’m awake and I’m available. I’ll take the 2-3 minutes to post an important update and interact with my audience. And, because my audience sees that I’m actively online, I’ll get a great engagement rate.

So on Tuesday, I post and I get great engagement. On Wednesday, I use the scheduling tool and get some engagement (better than none!), then I resume live posts on Thursday and get great engagement again.

And it’s really that simple. It’s all about having somebody there to actively engage with your audience and using a scheduling tool to augment their experience. Need a team to help you do that? We’d love to be your team.

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