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As an entrepreneur, it’s a nice thought to think that, “Yeah, I can do that. And that. I can do it all!”

The reality of it, though, is that nobody can (or should) do it all. In fact, just because I can mow the lawn doesn’t mean I *do* mow the lawn. I’d like to think that I delegate that to my husband. 😀

Delegation Saves Time

Delegation saves me time when it comes to mowing the lawn because it’s a task I’m no longer in charge of. It still gets done, but I’m not spending the hour or two it takes to keep my lawn looking good – and yet the lawn still looks good. (Thanks, hubs!)

Delegating doesn’t just mean assigning the task to somebody who is simply capable of doing the task, though. In order to really delegate well, you’ll want to assign the task to somebody who does the task well. You want to give it to a specialist whom you can trust.

Delegation Means Specialization

I’m sure that my husband wishes he weren’t so specialized in lawn care! He can explain what the edger is and how it’s both different and necessary compared to the weed trimmer. If he wanted to specialize any further, I’m sure he’d start developing acronyms.

In business, it’s the same way. Starting as a generalist is a great way to learn the basics. As you continue to learn, grow, and gain experience, though, you’ll find yourself drawn to a particular area. As I have specialized in my own niche, I’ve noticed that my skills have improved because I’m able to better focus. As a result, I work faster and more efficiently. Then, when I go back and try to do these other tasks (that I’m not as great at), it’s frustrating because it takes more time and effort to complete them. Where possible, these are now the tasks that I delegate.

Delegation Saves Money

While delegation costs money, it does free up my time. With that time, I then have the choice: do I keep that free time for myself (and my family, provided that my husband isn’t out mowing the lawn) or do I reinvest that time into my business, completing even more tasks from my niche?

So while I may be paying for a specific task, my potential for increased revenue or free time far exceeds the investment in delegation. Spending some money to make even more money? Sounds like a winning game plan to me!

Start Small

I know what it’s like to start your own business – and to try to save every penny possible as you reinvest into your company. Investing in infrastructure is huge, though. That’s why it’s important to start delegating, even if you start small. By starting early, it gives you the extra time and energy you need to keep building momentum as your company keeps snowballing towards success.

What does delegation mean to you?

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