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I can always tell where my kids are… they leave a trail of toys wherever they go. All I have to do is follow the trail (or the screaming) and there they are.

It’d sure be nice if tracking leads and sales was just that easy, wouldn’t it? Well, it can be – if you know the right steps.

Step 1: Tracking leads with notes

man-sitting-at-table-working-on-laptop-and-writing-in-notebookTeachers do it, doctors do it, and good business people do it. What is it? It’s taking notes. When you first need a new lead, make some notes. Any good CRM software will have a spot for you to take notes on what you talked about, what their goals are, and who introduced you. (If you’re wondering, I’m a fan of Insightly)

The point, though, is to make use of those notes. If you want to be able to remember everything, you’ve either got to learn to be like Sherlock Holmes (I’m still trying to make sense of the “thought castle” idea in the latest BBC version) or use a note system.

Step 2: Make regular contact

Once you’ve connected with someone, it’s going to take continued outreach before anything will happen. In fact, it takes an average of at least 3 more times connecting with that person before they’ll either partner with you, want to learn more about your services, or want to buy from you.

In other words, you’re only 3 touches away from a new partner or client. That’s more than worth taking five quick minutes to write a quick note, send a card, or otherwise reach out to someone.

Oh, and you’ll get bonus points if you remember (and reference) things that are important to them in your follow-up conversations. Notes for the win!

Step 3: Be yourselfWoman funny selfie

Finally, it’s important to be true to yourself and honest with others.

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott, Marmion; Canto VI Stanza 17

It’s a whole lot easier to keep track of things when you’re just being your own wonderful self. People love the honesty, transparency, and value of other people – so let them see yours. In fact, you are a big part of your brand and company. You are a big part of what sells people on your products. So go ahead – put yourself front and center and showcase what you’re capable of doing…

… as long as you don’t leave a toy trail through my living room, that is!

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