When you’re out in public, there are some stereotypes that are pretty easy to spot. For example: the sports enthusiast. Odds are, that this stereotypical personality will be wearing their team’s jersey, spouting off statistics, and rubbing last night’s game into somebody’s face. (Yes, my team won this weekend. Why do you ask?)

Spotting a social media expert can be just as easy, at least if you know what to look for! Now, while we can’t guarantee that these tricks will always work in the real world, they’re good for kicks and giggles here in the virtual realm.

kaboompics.com_Close up portrait of a young woman typing a text message on mobile phone1. A social media expert: phone addict

While there’s no official social media addict organization (at least that I’m aware of), a legit social media expert is going to be attached to their phone at the hand. It wouldn’t make sense to be attached at the hip, now would it? You can’t see the screen from that far away, unless it’s an iPad. So, either a phone in the hand or an iPad on the hip. And since option #2 is just plain weird, look for the phone in the hand.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t eliminate much of the population. Since almost everyone is an addict to tech of one sort or another, we still have to keep looking for some other giveaways.

2. Do you #hashtag everything?

Social media experts are also addicted to those hashtags (or number signs, sharps, pound symbol, etc.). They know how to properly leverage them for maximum exposure. They also know how to add a #hashtag to a post image to help it go viral.

Some social media experts may even talk using the #hashtag a la Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

imageHMJWHIRL3. Data analysts extraordinaire

Social media experts seriously deserve some sort of honorary degree, too. Not only do they have to know how to use hashtags, they’re also some serious analysts. Now, I’m not saying that they could give Chloe O’Brien (any other 24 fans out there?) a run for her money, but they could probably make her life pretty miserable.

4. Part-time Graphic Designer

Another great thing about social media experts is that they’re part-time graphic designers. Maybe they’ll be spouting off information on other graphic designers, referencing classical artists, or just coming up with their own new marketing ideas. In any case, these people know how to make things look *good.*

5. Full-time Regular Person – or even a mom

Okay, so most of these traits are hard to see in public. A lot of the social media experts we’ve been privileged to meet, though, can be easily recognized by the company they keep: their kids. A lot of moms have taken social media expertise to an art form while raising kids, cleaning the house, and doing a million other things that we all do in real life. Oh, and you can follow her on Instagram.

Now, this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list by any means, but if we entertained you at all, then we did our job.

Do you know any social media gurus? What common traits have you noticed, if any? Comment below or join us on LinkedIn!

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