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It’s that time of year again – when you start to evaluate how you did the prior 12 months.  Did you meet your goals?  If you didn’t, what didn’t work? What worked well?

The other question I like to add to that list is – what tools am I using that are working and not working?  It’s important to evaluate those regularly too.  {How often are you checking your bank account and realize that you are paying for a subscription that you haven’t used in months!}

So without further ado – here is the list of the tools that changed my world this year.  Most of these have a free option too so you can try before you buy ?


This is one tool that I use almost every day.  I have an amazing team, but I’m not always available for questions or we have trouble lining up our schedules to connect when they have questions.  This little video tool is connected right to my Gmail account, so I can record a video of me completing a task or answering their question.  It’s been a game changer! I save so much time recording a quick video to answer questions than I do typing out a response and adding screen shots.  Plus, whoever is watching the video can see the task in action, which is usually more beneficial.


I have used several project managers, but I always go back to Asana. I love the layout, functionality, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love the occasionally happy unicorn flying across your screen when you complete several tasks in a row.

We use Asana for all tasks within the team. I love that I can add recurring tasks, notes, and communicate within my team in a way other than email (things seem to get lost in there!)  It has definitely helped streamline how we work together.

I also have a few clients that we work with on Asana as well. They are able to see the progress of our tasks and assign us projects in a very seamless way.


As a business owner, I have a lot of meetings. Most business owners do.  But that also means a lot of back and forth selecting a time that will work for everyone involved. {The pain! The agony and inefficiency!} Calendly takes the guess work out of that. I send a link and the receiver can view my calendar (not the details, just what openings I have) and select a time that works for them. I can designate specific time blocks and days that I am available for calls.

I love that I can ask a few questions before they schedule the call too – this is especially helpful if it’s a sales call so I have an idea before our call what they are looking for help with.


The angels were singing when we found this handy tool!  My team transcribes A LOT of content.  It’s one of our main services (you can read more about it HERE).  I love Rev because it’s quick and requires very little editing. I upload the content that I need transcribed, then one of their freelancers, sends me the transcribed file within 24 hours. It’s magical.


Most of my business is outside of my home state of Utah. To grow that business, I have to meet people, right? I can’t fly out of Utah just to have meet people all the time to grow my business (although that could be kinda cool), but being able to see someone face to face makes that connection even stronger. It’s nice to see someone’s facial expressions and know that I have their full attention {it can be easy to get sidetracked when talking on the phone – you know, checking your email, cleaning your desk, etc.  We all do it at one point in time or another}.

It also makes it great to talk to my clients. I have a great relationship with my clients and a lot of that is because we communicate regularly.  When possible, we do video calls.  It’s like we are having coffee {or diet coke!} ….just virtually.


What are your favorite tools?  I would love to check them out! 

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