The winter holiday season is here! You know… just in case you hadn’t noticed or been in any stores since the middle of October when the Christmas decorations started popping up.

How will your business be celebrating?christmas-baubles-861x574

Tis the season for sales

If we were in Vegas, I’d put pretty good odds on the fact that, in some form or another, your company is going to offer a sale or a discount of some sort. It’s a lot more likely if you’re offering a physical product, as everyone and their dog is trying to score sales this season.

But it’s not just businesses with physical products that offer sales. If you’re offering services, you can still offer sales this season (or all year, if you want!). You just get to be more creative in how you present them, that’s all!

Maybe you offer a discount for a full cash payment up front. Maybe you offer a discount for a faster turnaround on signed contracts or project agreements.

Or maybe you send your clients some pretty fabulous holiday cheer. Hey – presents can be a great way to thank existing clients and partners – and it’s almost better than a sale, because it’s unexpected.

Tis the season for family

Because it’s also the season for family, I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been this year as various companies have taken a stance in favor of their employees and their families.

I mean, REI gave all of its employees Black Friday off to go spend outdoors with their loved ones. That’s pretty awesome. Other stores refused to do door buster sales on Thursday – that’s SO not Black Friday, thank you very much – so that their employees could actually enjoy Thanksgiving day with their friends and family.

There are some amazing companies out there that are recognizing their employees and families that it’s awesome.

Now, being a team of work-from-home moms and professionals, it’s not like we’re “open” or “closed” on holidays. I’m so glad that my team has the freedom to work their own schedules. That way, they can enjoy Thanksgiving off with their families. They can work when they need to (maybe after the kids are in bed, right?) to support their families and our valued partners. It’s been an absolute pleasure and a joy to be a part of so many wonderful peoples’ lives this year.

Tis the season for giving


The other amazing part of Christmastime is the renewed focus on charity and giving to those in need. However you choose to donate this year, thanks for caring. Thanks for giving and thanks for thinking of others.

We’re doing our part, too, I can promise you that. There’s something amazing about looking for opportunities to give to and serve others.

So thank you for thinking of others this season. Thanks for giving and serving and sharing. Thanks from all of us at Admin-ease!

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