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The Truth about Content Repurposing and Engagement

Did you know that repurposing your content is one of the best ways to maximize your business exposure on social media?

AND it also increases your engagement exponentially?

Not to mention the headache it saves you of “what should I talk about today”.

This week we are chatting all about how content repurposing is the best way to increase your visibility. 

I recently read an article from Inc that said “Content is the currency in today’s high-tech digital world.”  If that’s true, then the more content you are creating, the more currency you should have. 

But other than money, why do you need to be creating more and repurposing your content?

Increasing Visibility 

One of the best reasons to repurpose your content is because it increases your visibility. It fits perfectly with that age-old marketing rule of 7, in that a prospect has to interact with your brand 7x before they move to the next phase in your sales funnel.  

If your prospect or tribe is seeing your posts on Facebook, Instagram, in ads, visiting your website, and you are commenting on their posts, they are seeing you more than 7 times, thus reconfirming your message and shortening the sales cycle.  

Content repurposing comes into that because if you are repurposing (or using) the content from your videos for your social media posts, then your content is similar and has the same message and audience. 

Increasing Authority

When you are repurposing your content, it’s positioning yourself as the expert in your industry.  People will come to you because they know that you are really good at a particular topic. 

For example, content repurposing. I talk about this ALOT.  I’m really good at it. We get amazing results for our clients.  So when someone comes to me, it’s often for support with repurposing, not just social media. 

I talk about it often because it’s important to stay on top of people’s minds and continually demonstrate my expertise and how I solve specific problems. Then when people are ready to take their content to the next level (I hate that phrase BTW – if you have another one, let me know below!!), I’ll be top of mind because I have been creating authority all along.

Increasing Engagement

Repurposing is more engaging than always creating new content.    How many times have you seen a post and think “Oh I like that” or “I want to look more into that” and then you forget?  

But you see a similar post from the same person on a different channel and it reminds you that you were interested. 

So you comment and join the conversation.  It gets really exciting when the author comments back to you right?

When you are repurposing you are reinforcing your message and people are more likely to comment than if you are making one-off posts on random topics.

When I stick to my talking about my specific zones of genius’, my engagement always increases.  It could be because I’m more comfortable with those topics. It could be because people have seen me talk about a particular topic more often, so they naturally engage. Or it could just be that the more often I share, the more likely I am to be talking to my ideal client.  And when I’m talking to my ideal client, my engagement is almost guaranteed to increase.

So, inquiring minds want to know – are you currently repurposing your content?

I hope this shorter, more consumable content is easier to follow along and implement.  Let me know in the chat what you think!

And if you are interested in learning more about the Content Simplified Monthly Membership – where we dive deep into these strategies, let me know!