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The Surprisingly Simple Steps to Repurposing Content

Do you ever freeze up because you don’t know what to talk about online so you don’t create anything new?

Or maybe you are creating too much and you are burnt out from creating content and social media posts day after day?

There is a better way. 

So we have been talking all month about content repurposing – you know, my love language!!  

You know that it will save you tons of time, help you get more mileage out of your content, reach a new audience, and reinforce your message.  There is so much goodness in repurposing. 

Today I want to chat through the surprisingly simple steps to repurposing your content – the repurposing ABC’s. 

A = Actively Create New Content

B = Break into smaller pieces

C = Create Omnipresence

A = Actively Create Content

Content is a pretty versatile word.  And it means a lot of things. Content is every way that you share your message with the world. 

  • Blogging
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Video 
  • Podcasting
  • How you are engaging with posts (this is one that people miss)

If you are brand new to creating content, start with 1 piece of content a week.  It could be a video or a blog post or a podcast.   I have one client that doesn’t like doing any of those, but she is really big with email marketing. She writes these amazing emails that convert really well.  So we are working with her on repurposing those emails.  She will take the email and create a few social media posts and then post part on her blog.

We had another client that doesn’t like video at all, but she wanted a podcast and had a ton of blog posts on her website.  She created a podcast of her reading her blog posts. 

We had another client last summer that had multiple courses.  We went through the courses and pulled out pieces to create blog posts and social media posts. 

So it can start anywhere, it just needs to start. 

B = Break into Smaller Pieces

This is the beauty of repurposing and often where people get hung up.  They think they need to create social media posts, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. all as separate pieces.  

I’m here to tell you no you don’t!

We talked in the last few weeks about reinforcing your message to shorten your sales cycle.  

I’m going to use my own content as an example: 

My Tuesday lives.  Does everyone in this group and all my friends on social media watch that video?  No.  That would be cool if they did, but no they don’t.  And that’s okay. 

So you don’t watch my video.  But you do see a social media post that catches your eye.  So you click to read more about it on my blog.  Then you decide you are going to watch the video that is linked in the blog.  And all of a sudden, you have just seen 3 pieces of content from me, even though you didn’t watch the video initially. But because they are all linked and cohesive, you understand my message.  

Do you see how that works?  They are all connected to reinforce whatever message you are sharing that week.

AND instead of having to prepare 3 separate pieces of content, I repurpose and it saves me time and energy and headache and frustration and all the things!

C = Create Omnipresence

After you create the content, this is the easy part – share it, post it, promote it, talk about it!

There something I want to chat about here in relation to Omnipresence:

How long you have been creating content should impact how many channels you are active on. 

I have been creating content for 6 years, so I do a lot more than someone who is just starting out. I also have a team, so that impacts it too because I have support. 

If you are brand new to creating content, start with just getting 1 piece up a week and then creating a few social media posts from that. 

If you have already mastered the consistency thing, then focus on adding in a blog or a newsletter.

The great thing about repurposing and omnipresence is that it’s totally up to you. It’s where you are at in the process that matters.  I am a firm believer that we all have our own pace and if we take on too much at one time, then it’s not sustainable.  So while it’s important to push ourselves and set big goals, it’s also important to acknowledge where we are at in life and honor that too. 

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