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If you want the easy answer, the secret to online business success is networking with some hard work thrown in along the way. Now that you know the answer, let’s keep reading to discover the why and how, shall we?

Online Business Success requires Networking

The simple fact is, that if you don’t tell anyone about your business, it can’t grow! I can understand the desire to see your company explode overnight or have a post go viral that brings in some amazing sales. The truth of it, however, is that those scenarios aren’t likely to happen. It’s like winning the lottery: it only happens to a small percentage of businesses and blogs.

On the other hand, if you’re doing your networking and expanding your reach, you’re a lot more likely to win that lottery and go viral. Now that’s awesome in addition to business as usual: that’s double awesome.


Networking via LinkedIn and your business associates

One of our favorite ways to network is via LinkedIn. It is such an easy, efficient way to meet like-minded people, associates, colleagues, and new clients. We’re excited to get everyone using it, because we’ve seen some pretty spectacular results with it!


Another way to meet real people is to go to real networking events. These will vary by area, so be sure to ask around. See? Now you’re networking!

Networking via Social Media Campaigns

Social media is just virtual networking. It’s reaching out to people with creative usernames (or their real names) via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and more. Building a viable dialogue with your audience is, at its essence, simply networking. See? Running that social media campaigning is a lot more important than just directing customers to your website.

It also requires hard work.

Have you ever tried to network on a consistent basis – and stuck with it? It takes some perseverance and hard-core dedication, my friends. Running a long-term social media outreach campaign takes weeks to months. Keeping your social media up to date, running, and a functional arm of your company is something that’s got to be done daily – for as many years as you want your company to keep being both profitable and fantastic.


In-person networking also takes hard work and organization (which is hard work to some people!). If you aren’t a people person, just getting out of the house is a huge accomplishment – and you still have to talk to people.

Not a people person? Start small: just talk to one person at an event. Or better yet, start with LinkedIn. Online can be a better option for some!

As you continue to network, though, you’ll find all sorts of connections; you’ll be getting and receiving referrals like crazy. You’ll find more success, more acquaintances, more friends, and more fulfillment.

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