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It always cracks me up when my kids ask me which I’d rather do with them: go to the zoo or to the park. Both options are great. Both have some pretty awesome perks. And, as long as you have a zoo pass, the costs are pretty similar. All you need is a picnic and you’re pretty well guaranteed an awesome day, right?

The key difference there, though, is that the zoo has a park inside of it. So, really by picking one you can pick both options. And that same philosophy applies to the great debate of social media engagement vs. followers.

debateDo you want more social media engagement or followers?

Most people ask this as if the two are mutually exclusive. Now, the obvious answer is that you want *BOTH* of these two awesome things. You want lots of engagement and you want lots of followers. It’s when you combine these two that you get amazing new leads, you make more sales, and word of mouth about your products and services skyrocket.

But if you had to choose only *ONE* of these two, which would it be?


Don’t pick the followers.

While you’d think that having more than a million followers is a great thing, let me assure you: it isn’t. When you have a million followers, not many of them are going to see your updates. Especially if we’re talking Facebook. A few may see your posts, but unless they *ENGAGE* with those posts, then Facebook will show your updates to fewer and fewer of your followers.

In fact, your followers will eventually wonder where you went – only to realize that you’re still there and they’re just not seeing your stuff. In other words, this lack of engagement takes your awesome products and services and makes them seem unimportant (even though we both know that they’re still super important and useful).2093186582_48da70330f_o

If  you can only pick one, pick **ENGAGEMENT**.

So if you can only pick one of the two options, go for the engagement. Why? Simple. As your posts and updates get increased engagement, they’re going to gain momentum and increased exposure. In short, you’re going to pick up new followers. And, because your existing audience is super involved with your social media profile, the new followers will follow suit.

Oh, and the other great thing about an involved audience? An involved audience translates into a warmer lead list. And that warmer lead list is going to mean more sales for your company.

Are you ready to drive engagement on your social media platforms? We’re here to help your company see an increase in leads and sales through an active and engaged social media marketing campaign. Come see the Admin-ease difference when you contact us today.

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