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Even though it bugs me when my boys go through sixteen outfits in one day (seriously! They get **SO** messy when eating!), I do love watching the evolution of social media in real-time.

65741391I remember when MySpace first came out… and I spent a ridiculous number of hours trying to figure out how to customize my page’s background – when I should’ve been studying for finals. New social media platforms keep coming out – and the big ones keep evolving to keep pace (or stay ahead of the pack!).

The Evolution of Social Media by Platform

Twitter started out offering only 140 characters to tell your whole story. You got the equivalent of ONE whole text message to get your story out there… and a whole lot of Internet jargon evolved into everyday language. Since then, Twitter added the ability to post pictures – and they’re supposed to be lifting that 140 character limit sometime soon.

(No more txtspk… #sadday #whoamIkidding #txtspklives)

Facebook started by only offering access to college students who wanted to connect with short messages or updates. Now anyone over 13 can join and there’s billions of hours worth of videos on there – and the video feature got added to keep up with YouTube.

And Facebook no longer limits responses to “Likes”. Woohoo!

Every platform has changed – and my favorite LinkedIn, is no different. In fact, they just made an evolutionary step. They quietly launched a new feature: ProFinder. Using ProFinder, you can find reliable freelancers in just about ANY field. Talk about UH-MAZING, right?

And change will keep on coming…

While I couldn’t tell you every change that will happen on each social media platform in the next five years (if I could, I’d be going to Vegas), I can tell you this: each platform will continue to evolve. They’re going to keep getting better and offer newer, more awesome features.

Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa via VisualHunt / CC BY

Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa via VisualHunt / CC BY

The only way to keep up with those features, though, is to know that they exist and have an active profile and presence. That and to scour the news like a crazy-obsessed ginger. But the advantage of being on the multiple platforms is this: an increased reach to wider, more varied audiences. And that translates into solid lead-generation and additional sales. And let’s be honest: isn’t that what you really want?

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