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Wouldn’t it be nice if we’d all been born as successful entrepreneurs?

Wishful dreaming, I know. We’ve all had to branch out along the way – many of us leaving corporate America jobs to strike out on our own. Until we’re able to cut the cord, though, we’re stuck learning how to balance our full-time jobs with our entrepreneurial dreams.

Balancing entrepreneurs: more commonbalance1

Maybe it’s because I’m looking for it more, now, but it sure seems like there are more budding entrepreneurs these days. More and more of my friends and neighbors are tiring of the 9 to 5 grind and are seeking greener pastures through their own startup ventures.

Sometimes, it’s the stay-at-home spouse who ventures into the entrepreneurial waters instead. Either way, there are a lot of businesses being started from home – and after work’s already done for the day.

Why do both? Well, bills.

To borrow and alter some of Taylor’s lyrics, “billers gonna bill bill bill” and “bills are still due due due due.” And while you’re building up your own business, you’ve got a couple of touch choices:

  • quit your day job to focus 100% on your business
  • moonlight as an entrepreneur to keep the steady income
  • cut back to part-time to try and do both and still have reliable income

If you choose either of the latter options, guess what? You’re a balancing entrepreneur. You’re going to learn, through trial and error, how to be your own business (through moonlighting) while still working crazy hours in the corporate world.

Doing both is possible. It’s just hard work.business woman2

Just like it’s hard work to go to school while working, it’s also hard to work two jobs (one being your start-up dream job!). It’s going to mean sacrificing things NOW so that you’ve got the chance to have a better FUTURE. It’s going to mean long days, not a lot of sleep, and a lot of extra work. It’s going to mean networking, shuffling schedules, not seeing your family as much as you’d like, and trying all sorts of schedule hacks to make things fly.

My point, though, is that it *is* possible. It’s possible to do both to a point: the point at which you have to decide to let go of either the corporate job or the entrepreneurial dream. And, hopefully by that point, you’ve built a solid enough client base to step both feet into your own business.

For those of you in this difficult decision limbo, there is hope.

There are other ways to go about this. One of those ways is finding a coach or getting help. Thankfully, there are some great resources out there to help you succeed faster. If you’re ready to take that next step, let’s chat about how our networking specialists can help you be ready to make the leap.

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