Let’s take a moment to visualize something, all right? I’ll tell you a few word pairings and you think about how you first feel at the sight of these words.

Root canal extraction (or going to the dentist)

Looking for lost keys

Going to dinner with your in-laws

Watching Frozen for the fortieth time that day

Having to sit through yet another pointless meeting

Being assigned the finding followers task on social media

If you’re anything like me, the thought of some of these (my in-laws are pretty amazing, so dinner with them is actually fun) elicit fear, anxiety, or all-out agony. It’s not comfortable, fun, or even pretty. Unless you really do want to sing “Let it go!” again. Why? All of these things require significant, unwanted investments.

Computer Stress

Why is finding followers painful?

If you’ve ever tried finding followers, let’s say on Twitter, how easy (or quick) is it to convince others that they should follow you? Some of them will follow you back after you follow them first. But that’s a very slow, tedious way to build a loyal following – especially since they’re only following you back out of a strange, unspoken Twitterverse politeness. Is there a better way to find that loyal fan base, then? Sure. But it isn’t fast.

How can you find followers?

Well, that depends. Do you want to find them legitimately? Or are you willing to pay one of those bot accounts $39.95 for 4,000 fake accounts to follow you? While it might be nice to have 10 billion followers right off the bat, remember: these fake or bot accounts won’t do anything for your status or brand name. They’re bots. They’ll get deleted as soon as the Twitter overlords discover them.

What works, then? It’s three things that you may not want to hear: consistency, time, and hard work.

Post (and interact) consistently

What kinds of things should you post? Well, we recommend a good mix of helpful information (like your blog posts), entertaining memes, quotes, and even the occasional cute cat photo. Or grumpy cat, if that’s more your style. The point is to post things consistently so that your fans know you’re there – and so that they have something to share.

It takes time

Gathering a devoted following takes time, unless you’re Lady Gaga or President Obama. It takes time for people to learn to trust you and it takes time for them to find you.

You can get through the first two with hard work

It takes work to consistently post. It takes dedication to stick to posting and interacting so that you can build your brand name and trust (and your following). Finding followers simply takes hard work.

There is one faster way to build your social media platform.

It’s hiring a social media expert to do the work for you. It’s not any faster, but at least you won’t be doing the work. 🙂


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