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Just a few days ago, I gave my youngest son a taste of a new food. He loved it. He got it all over his face. And I snapped a half billion photos on phone. (What can I say? He’s super cute – especially when covered with chocolate and smiling like crazy!)

Now, would I post that sort of photo on my LinkedIn posts or profile? Um, no. Because while my little man is absolutely adorable, he’s not the face of my business. (Now, if I were a candy maker or a baker, I’d totally use that!)

How to rock your LinkedIn postsRock Your LinkedIn Posts

So if I can’t post pictures of my cute boys, what *should* I be doing? Well, your LinkedIn posts should answer one of these two questions in the affirmative:

  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it informative?

If the answer is no, it’s probably not going to be a great post for LinkedIn. However, it may be a perfect post on another social media platform.

If the answer is yes, though, then follow up with these next two questions.

  • Does this help my colleagues?
  • Does this help my potential clients?

Those are the main two groups of people you’re interacting with on LinkedIn, so those are who you’re targeting with your posts.

Why only those two questions?

Well, LinkedIn is a business-based social media. It’s not where people go to find cute cat videos. So if you start sharing a bunch of cat videos, your connections are going to think that you’ve either lost it, you got hacked, or you think you’re on Facebook.

Not that I’ve got anything against cat videos, but they don’t belong on your professional profile. You want to put your best foot forward, right? So share things that are relevant to your field. Things that your colleagues will want to read and share. Put up posts that show you’re up to date on the latest and greatest. Comment on other posts that pique your professional interest.

As far as potential (or current) clients, they’re going to want to see that you know what you’re talking about, too. They want to know that they’re placing their trust in the right place. So answer their questions and concerns before they have a chance to bring them up. You’ll look like a mind-reading ninja superstar.

As you start doing this, you’re going to develop quite the following. People are going to leave comments and share your posts. And your LinkedIn posts will reach that mega rock star status you’ve been aiming for.rock star

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