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At the exact moment my boys finish getting every reachable dish out of my cabinets, they suddenly get attracted to another shiny toy (or they just open the pantry and empty that). My kitchen is left a disaster, covered in a variety of dishes. And while focus isn’t their strong suit yet (they are still little, after all!), they are actually doing something that’s important to their development.

Getting all of those dishes out and getting into everything is teaching my boys to be actively engaged in doing, learning, and experimenting with new things. Even if it does make a huge mess.

Service oriented sales requires a commitment to education

Photo credit: mkhmarketing via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: mkhmarketing via Visual Hunt / CC BY

I love being able to provide a valuable service set to my clients. These services are things that every business needs to one degree or another. And, because it’s an ever-evolving market, it’s one where constant and continued education isn’t a distraction: it’s key to doing good business.

By providing my team with access to new trends and educational tools, it’s not actually a source of distraction. Rather, it’s a way go guarantee great service both now (and in the future) to my clients.

It’s also a great way to help my team stimulate their own creative juices and keep them performing at their peak capabilities. How? Easy: there’s none of that dreaded downtime at work. Instead of trying to discreetly check their latest solitaire scores, they’re researching and learning the latest social media or systems trends – and learning how to implement them for clients.

It also stresses experimenting on a balance between quality and quantity

Less isn’t always more; and more isn’t always less. Clear as mud, right?

Photo credit: nan palmero via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

Photo credit: nan palmero via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

That’s because every industry is different. What works well for a banking institution isn’t going to work well for a mommy blogger and vice versa. Mommy bloggers do best on social media with multiple posts per day (we’re talking posts per hour, not per day!) while financial institutions typically do best with just a few updates per day on social media.

Simply put, there’s a delicate balance between quality and quantity. It’s one that has to be known, researched, and tweaked for every individual business and industry. Why? Because there’s wiggle room for different companies within the same industry.

In other words, while I let my kids destroy my kitchen, I encourage my team to learn from my boys’ examples. By continuing to learn, experiment, and constantly find a better balance between quantity and quality, my team and I continue to be leaders in our industry – which means providing a better service for our clients.

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