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vintage-social-networkingLet’s go back to the Stone Age: 1990. Your company, Ricky’s Rocks, is a new entry into the jewelry design business. You’re great at sticking diamonds into rings, but less great at getting the word out about your business. You’ve done newspaper ads and radio spots, but not many people seem to notice. You’re thrilled that Positive Polly and Elated Elaine promised to tell all their friends about the fabulous rings you made, but that equals maybe ten or twenty people who probably don’t want new jewelry anyway. You are thankful, though, that Negative Nancy can’t spread her dissatisfaction with too many people. You just wish there was a way to get the word out to loads of people all at once.

Fast forward 26 years (Was 1990 really was 26 years ago? It feels like yesterday). With the advent of social media, it’s now easy for businesses to market to thousands and thousands of people all over the world. What’s even better is that social media allows you to have conversations and in depth discussions about the greatness of your company. And if someone does have a problem, you know about it quickly and can fix it before it explodes (hopefully not literally).

If you want to benefit from social media, it’s important to easily know what’s being said about you, be able to quickly post messages, and to analyze whether your marketing is effective. With a social media manager like Sprout Social, you can easily monitor and control everything related to your company on multiple social media platforms.

Let’s explore Sprout Social further.

Easily manage multiple social media platforms at once with Sprout Social

There’s a social media platform out there for everyone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. Smart businesses use as many platforms as they can. But it’s a hassle to toggle between a dozen screens so you can monitor Facebook and Twitter and everything else.

Sprout Social puts all your social media interactions on a single screen. You can see who Liked your Facebook post, your new Twitter followers, Instagram mentions, and more on one page. Plus, you can respond to private messages, Tweets, and comments all from the same place. With Sprout Social’s seamless integration of multiple platforms, you can engage with your customer base more frequently and faster than if you have to manage all the platforms separately.

User Friendly for Growing Businesses

kaboompics.com_Close up portrait of a young woman typing a text message on mobile phoneBesides placing all the social media platforms on one screen, Sprout Social has many features to make marketing easier for your company, especially as it grows larger. If you have more than one person managing social media, the team can utilize the task function. Rather than waste time doing the same thing twice, through Sprout Social, they can assign tasks to different team members, have discussions while the task is ongoing, and check off tasks when finished.

Workers often aren’t spending all their working time at the office. Sprout Social has mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, so you can monitor your company’s social media feed even if you’re lying on a hammock in the Maldives. Additionally, you can use the mobile apps or the desktop versions to schedule posts to various Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So you can put your phone down and go surfing in the Maldives and be confident that you still have an active social media presence.

Great Reports and Analytics

One of the best things about Sprout Social is how it helps you take your social media presence to the next level. You can easily create reports analyzing company performance over multiple social media platforms. Sprout Social also makes your job easier by automatically creating easy to follow charts and graphs that you can stick right into a PowerPoint slide or an email when it’s time to present the social media updates.

analyticsYou can create report looking at each social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ – separately. For example, the Twitter report analyzes how well you’re reaching your followers, particularly top influencers. You can also look at growth in followers and which tweets get the best or worst reception. At an aggregate level, Sprout Social puts together reports analyzing all your social media interactions. You can see how many new followers you have, as well as personal characteristics like gender.

Reports are also available for team information. The reports show how well each member of the social media team interacts: number of replies, median time to reply. Plus, you can get trend reports about what’s popular for your brand. If “Diamonds” are an important part of your business, it’s helpful to know if there’s a spike in discussions about “chocolate diamonds” or “Marquise cut,” so you can cater to what’s popular. The reports have so much information that you’ll be able to help your company face the future instead of being stuck in the present.


Sprout Social has a three tiered pricing system: Deluxe, Premium, and Team. With each ascending level, you get more features. The amount of reporting data available is particularly dependent on which tier you choose.

Here are a few details on each tier:

  • Deluxe: $59 per user/per month
    • One-screen for all social media platforms
    • Schedule publishing and drafting assistance
    • Basic reports for individual and aggregate platforms
    • Up to 5 profiles
  • Premium: $99 per user/per month
    • All the features of the Deluxe tier
    • Assistance on the best time to publish material to optimize interaction
    • Integration of Google Analytics with Reports
    • Trend reports
    • Engagement reports
    • Up to 10 profiles
  • Team: $500 per month, 3 users
    • All the features of the Deluxe and Premium tiers
    • Advanced reports of keyword optimization
    • Assistance with tagging messages and content
    • Team reports
    • Dedicated account management
    • Up to 30 profiles

In the modern world, social media is the King and Queen. If you want to be part of the “ruling class,” you have to be at the top of your game. Sprout Social can help you step into that upper echelon. With the ability to monitor and control multiple social media platforms at once, tools to up your efficiency, as well as reports to help maximize your Internet footprint, you can win at the game of the Internet and help your growing business grow ever larger.

Are you interested to see how Sprout Social can benefit your company? Do you want to know even more details about how you can improve your social media footprint. Contact us on Twitter or Facebook or sign up today for a FREE consultation. We’ll help you take your business to the top tier!

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