marketing spiceFor most of high school, I packed the same school lunch: crackers, a peanut butter sandwich, two cookies, and a juice box. Not only did I pack the same lunch, but I also ate it in the same order each day (see the above listed order). This monotony drove my mother crazy. “Variety is the spice of life,” she often said.

High school is long over. I no longer eat the same thing for lunch (although I do frequent the same restaurant often enough that all the employees know me by name). But here’s the problem: if you always do the same thing, you’re going to keep getting the same results. That’s why I finally learned that variety is indeed the spice of life – in both meals and in my approach to marketing my business through social media.

If you don’t use social media often, it’s tempting to market your business only on the platform where you’re comfortable. Limiting yourself to one or even just two types of social media means that many of your current and potential customers won’t see you online. Let’s explore how employing a diverse social media strategy can help your business grow.

Improves your search engine rankings

“If you build it, they will come.” That popular saying comes with an exception. If you build it, but no one knows about you, they won’t come. How highly your company’s website ranks in Google search results strongly influences how many people will find your company. Say your company makes the best cloth diapers ever. If your company hasn’t invested in ways to boost your search ranking, and your website is the 1342nd result, it’s unlikely that new customers will ever discover your greatness.

media-social-media-apps-social-network-facebookUsing multiple social media platforms will help increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. You want your company to be mentioned frequently and on as many websites as possible. If you have *active* accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other popular types of social media, you’re automatically going to be discussed more. When you’re actively engaging with your target audience on social media, your customers are going to mention you on their own blogs or social media accounts – and that will increase your rankings even more.

Helps reach different kinds of customers

crowd3Exposure is king. You already know that you want as many people as possible to find your company on the Internet and social media. Another thing you should remember is that using multiple social media platforms will help you reach different kinds of people.

Continuing with the cloth diapers company example: your client base is new moms. That’s a really diverse group! They could be 20 or 40 years old… stay at home or have 80 hour per week jobs… tech savvy or tech terrified.

Besides being exhausted, the one thing they probably have in common is that all of them use some kind of social media. Different social media platforms appeal to different people, so you’ll need to target each audience on each platform.

It all boils down to a simple truth: different groups of people use social media differently. Linkedin is great for business minded people. Facebook covers almost everyone, but is trending older. Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are popular with younger people. Using social media diversely will help you reach many different customers.

Enables you to promote content in multiple ways

If you have multiple social accounts, you know how unique each platform is. Even though it might seem terrifying to have to learn about so many social media platforms, it’s worth it. The differences are great for businesses. You can and should use social media to reach customers in a variety of ways. Much of the benefit is social media is lost if you post the same content on every platform. Not only will customers view it as lazy, but you won’t take advantage of the platforms’ best features.

You can use Facebook and Twitter to post announcements, giveaways, and questions for customers. Pinterest is great for posting links and photos of your products, as well as related items that you love. You can use YouTube to show in-depth videos of your products or services. Snapchat works great for real-time promotions and exclusive content. The list goes on.

Honestly, social media is one of the best things that has ever happened for business. You should put it on your Grateful List next Thanksgiving (your teenage relatives will surely lift their heads up from their phones to agree). Take advantage of the variety of platforms to spice up your marketing.

Do you need a little help wading through the social media minefield? Social media changes so often that it’s hard for busy business people to keep up with. We’d love to help you craft the perfect marketing strategy for your company’s social media landscape. Just get in touch with us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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