Just in case you’ve been living in a cave (or seriously preparing for some upcoming presentation), here’s something that’s been all the rage lately: selfie sticks.

They’re such a big thing that they’ve been banned in some areas. Yes, France, we’re looking at you.

selfie stick

Some Social Media Trends are Weird, but end up Awesome.

Some trends, like this selfie stick, can seem pretty weird up front. I mean, you’re sticking your phone on an extendable pointer stick to take a photo of yourself (and your friends – because this moment just *HAS* to be recorded!). This is assuming, of course, that you have a way to activate the camera from a distance.

Now, before you run off to upgrade your phone to one with a fist-activated selfie feature, remember this: you don’t have to jump on every trend. Okay, so maybe get a selfie stick. They’re kinda cool.

You Don't Need to Jump On Every Trend

While Others are Just Plain Awful.

One trend that we just can’t understand is the duck face bathroom selfie. Not sure what that means? I promise – it’s not gibberish. Log on to Facebook and do a generic search for a girl’s name. Now, look at the profile pictures. I’ll guarantee you that a lot of them are making a duck face: their lips are puffed out and their cheeks are going for that “Blue Steel” look from Zoolander. Oh – and they’re probably in a bathroom, using the mirror to take the photo.

Duck face bathroom selfie.

Yeah, I could’ve lived without that, too. What really gets me is when these profile pictures are used for more serious accounts – like on LinkedIn. It may seem like a cute photo, but we didn’t want to see your messy bathroom, we promise.

Weigh the Options Carefully – BEFORE you post.

Sometimes, it’s okay to not be ahead of the curve. Some social media trends, like the selfie stick, can end up being awesome. Others just get worse with time. So while you may get caught on the wrong side of the fence every now and again, remember that it’s okay to wait on some trends. You don’t have to jump in on every single trend.

Tired of social media trendsWhile jumping on a trend may be a great way to get some initial exposure, it can also be exhausting. It’s exhausting for you as you try to search for, develop, and then publish a relevant post for each trend. It’s also exhausting for your audience. They don’t necessarily want to see more about what Miley is up to these days: they’re following you for information on landscaping!

Just Say No to Trends. Okay, at least say no to some of them.

If you really want to make a landscaping-relevant Miley post, take a photo of a hedge you’ve shaped to look like the singer. That way, you’re staying on the creative, awesome side of a trend, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon for instant attention. Plus, I’m pretty sure your Miley hedge is going to get you enough attention as it is.

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