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Really – who has time to keep up with all of that social media networking these days? Is it really that important?

Well, good news and bad news, folks.

Here’s the Bad News about Social Media Networking:

It takes time. It still takes a lot of dedicated effort. It’s still going to take a whole, dedicated marketing strategy of its own. You may even need to hire a team (or at least a social media expert or virtual associate) to handle the networking, campaigning, and marketing for you. Yes, that means spending money. But that’s where it leads into the good news. Are you ready?

Here’s the Good News: Social Media Networking has a HUGE ROI.Social Media Marketing High ROI

When you can pull all of the various pieces together, networking via social media can have a huge return on your investment. Because yes, social media is an investment. But let’s look at some of the big names who have leveraged social media to their advantage.

Amy Porterfield

Have you ever attended one of her live webinars? In the time since I’ve started following her, she’s hosted several. I’ve attended three of her webinars. I’ve been floored by each one. The content she delivers is fantastic – and she has these things down to something in between an exact science and a perfect art form. In one of her webinars, she showed how you *should* be using social media – as a funnel towards your website and sales. She made it seem so ridiculously easy! Oh, wait, because it is. Once you know where to put the pieces, everything falls into place and you make lots of money.

Michael Hyatt

Okay, now Michaell Hyatt is another fantastic platform-building expert. He sells books, eBooks, and advice. He uses social media fantastically! He’s on different platforms, leveraging them to build a strong community no matter where he goes! He then leveraged that to create Platform University, a great place to go and learn how to build and improve your website, brand, and overall platform.

The list goes on.

There are others who are using ads or sponsored posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to get the exposure that they need to keep people coming to their website. These kinds of stories aren’t rare, either. There are lots of stories like this, if you know where to look.

What does this mean for regular folk like you and I, then?

It means that it is possible to use these platforms to make money. It means it’s possible to succeed. It means that if we want to succeed in the online business world, we need to have some fantastic marketing strategies in place. It means that we need to know how to use every aspect of social media marketing to its fullest. Because while having a Twitter account is cool, wouldn’t it be cooler if it was working for you, rather than you just trying to figure out how to reshare a tweet?

If you don’t already have a social media marketing or networking plan in place, it’s time to change that. Ready to get going? See how we can help you get things *really* moving: contact us for details!

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