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Social Media Audit

Strengths, Statistics, and Recommendations for a Strong 2019

Whether you are doing your own social media marketing or outsourcing, you must know where the gaps are from where you are now to where you need to be to succeed.  A social media audit is a smart step to uncovering the things you can improve to surpass your goals in 2019.  It’s super important to review what’s working and what isn’t.

Being in the right place at the right time is essential to building a successful business.  We believe that having a strong social media presence and content repurposing plan are key pieces to that puzzle.

And we can help.

Why You Need A social media audit

  • Uncover the gaps. What is missing from your online presence?  Where can you improve?
  • Know what your audience wants more of. Be authentic, transparent, and objectionable.
  • Expert feedback about your content. Content drives everything on the web. Make sure yours is driving your business.
  • Know your conversion rates.   What isn’t converting on your platforms.  People will do what you tell them do, but make sure you are telling them the right things.
  • Learn best practices.  We live and breathe social media every day. At the end of the report, we will offer a few suggestions for 2019 to help you along the way.

What we deliver

This detailed report will offer you all the nitty-gritty details and recommendations about your social media.

  • Profile review
  • Engagement rates
  • Top performing posts – so you can do more of these!
  • Most shared content – so you know what your audience wants.
  • Branding check – make sure it’s consistent across all platforms
  • Recommendations – to make your social media rock in 2019

YES! I want to start my 2019 with a clear social media and content plan!

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