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Okay, so the Founding Fathers had a great idea with that whole separation of church and state thing. Does that mean, though, that you should have a separation of work and home?

My vote is a definite NO! In fact, let’s make it an emphatic NO WAY!

Separation of work and home is too compartmentalized

Compartmentalizing happens a lot. It’s when you take one aspect of your life and keep it completely separate from everything else. This may work in some instances – like that whole separation of church and state thing. It may also work in corporate America. But it doesn’t work in small business. It also doesn’t work if *YOU* are your brand.

Why? Easy. In those instances, your family and home life is so integral to who you are that you can’t pull it out and compartmentalize it. So why try?

Instead, embrace it.

Okay, let me tell you a little story about how I learned this – the hard way.

Once upon a time, when I was new to this whole small business and self-employed idea, I thought I had it all figured out. Not only did I make a huge mistake of not undercutting myself, I also tried to shove my family life out of my business.balance work

Now, I work from home. I have an office, but I was constantly trying to keep my kids quiet or even push them out of the office while I worked. I was over-stressed and overworked and miserable. Once I made two simple adjustments, I was much happier. What adjustments did I make?

  • I stopped undercutting myself.
  • I let my family back into my (work) life.

I’m telling you this because the two were intertwined. And it took focusing on *BOTH* of those things for me to find balance and a renewed focus on my priorities.

It’s okay to be a human being

As I made that huge paradigm shift, I found that I was happier. My clients were more pleased with the work I was doing, and we had a better connection. Why? I love to work with other family-oriented people. And it’s so amazingly nice to be able to talk about family with them!balance 4

Now, that doesn’t mean that I let my boys run wild through my office. That’s just like inviting Murphy’s law to take control of everything! It does mean, though, that sometimes I’m cuddling a sleepy toddler while I work – especially when he refuses to nap after lunch!

My clients, associates, and partners all know and love the fact that I’m a mom and that family comes first. They know that having family first makes my work better and more personal. And being able to be both a mom and a successful entrepreneur makes my life that much more fulfilling.

What about you? Are you struggling to find more time to spend with your family and loved ones? I’d love to help you get things balanced and improving. Just shoot me a quick note and let’s chat.

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