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Repurposing Your Content with Instagram’s Six Features

As of January 2021, Instagram has more than one billion users on its platform. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms on the market, but it’s also a powerful tool for businesses to advertise their products or services. 

With over 25 million companies 😳 already using Instagram to increase their profits, it’s clear that there are many benefits to advertising on the platform. 

But how can you repurpose your content using ALL of Instagram’s six main features? 😎😎😎

Use Your Existing Content to Create Story Highlights

If you’re active on Instagram, you probably already post regularly on your stories page. However, did you know that Instagram saves all of your story content for you? 

You can use the existing stories you’ve posted to your Instagram to create Story Highlights. Story Highlights are displayed on your Instagram profile between your bio and Instagram feed. 

The benefit of using Story Highlights is that it allows users to see your short videos forever, instead of the 24-hour limit you’ll find on Instagram Stories.

Using Story Highlights is essential for your brand because it helps showcase the content you want users to know about your brand or profile. You can use this space to educate, highlight services or products, create a series, or share whatever information you deem is important for your customers. 

Instagram carousels are posts that feature a combination of videos and photos that can be viewed by either clicking up or swiping. Instagram carousels bring higher engagement rates than images or videos. If you frequently post blogs with photos, send e-mails, write eBooks, or post podcast show notes, you can transform them into an Instagram Carousel.

If you want to use Instagram Carousel for your business, simply summarize each part of your blog in one to two slides, and then use the caption to reel in your audience to swipe through. If you don’t have any blog content, you can pull other statistics or fascinating information from your existing content for your followers to swipe through.

Turn Your Vlogs to IGTV Posts

If you’re already creating content and Vlogs for other platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook, then you need to re-use that content for your IGTV posts. All you need to do is take your current content and cut it down to fit Instagram’s IGTV guidelines which is between 15 seconds and 60 minutes. 

You can choose to post entire Vlog videos on one IGTV post or break them up into shorter, more easily digestible segments. Posting your existing videos or vlogs on IGTV will help your posts gain the extra exposure they need, especially since Instagram highlights IGTV videos through its front page.

Screenshot Various Social Media Content for Your In-Feed Posts

One of the main functions and original features of Instagram is the In-Feed posts. In-feed Instagram posts are the photos that pop up when you look at your Instagram page. This is the first interaction customers will typically have with your services or products, so it’s essential to post quality content that matches your brand. The longer caption format allows you to show your brand’s authenticity, ask questions, or share stories.

If you already post on other social media, it’s easy to transform that content into your Instagram in-feed posts. For example, if you post YouTube videos, you can use a thumbnail or capture a photo from the video for your feed. 

If you use Twitter, screenshot a worthwhile tweet and share it through your feed to entertain an entirely new audience. 

If you frequently post on Pinterest, you can re-use those photos directly on your Instagram to gain more traction.

Use Tik Tok Videos on Your Reels

Instagram Reels are engaging, short videos that are between 15 to 30 seconds long. They’re typically used to compete with Tik Tok videos and follow the same type of format, styles, and trends. 

Instagram Reels allows brands to create sharable, fun videos that your audience will find entertaining and increase the amount of interaction. 

Instagram reels are not meant to explain services or products in detail. Instead, they’re meant to be relatable, fun, and to the point. If you already have Tik Tok videos for your brand, they are ideally suited to be posted onto your Instagram reels.

Turn Your Blog Posts into Instagram Guides

Instagram guides are collections of your content presented in smaller, more digestible pieces for your followers to watch. They’re a great way to combine step-by-step guides, recommendations, or product reviews in one place. 

You can pull in your current long-form blog to create Instagram guides for your audience. Find specific niches or focuses for your brand or company to focus on, and make your guides around it. 

Think about what your customers want to know from you, and provide it in Instagram Guide format.

Repurposing Your Content with Instagram

If you’re looking for an easier way to scale your business, then you shouldn’t be designing every infographic from scratch, shooting every video, or writing every post. Instead, it would be best if you tried to re-use each piece of content you create to save you time, money and stretch the overall value.

If you feel unsure where to start with repurposing your content, let’s chat for some inspiration, ideas, and direction.