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Why Content Repurposing must be part of your strategy

**This popular post on the benefits of repurposing content was originally written in January 2019 and has been updated.

The amount of time the average person spends on news sites is up 46% from this time last year. Twitter’s daily usage is up 23%. In fact, most social media sites, email service providers, and messaging platforms are seeing increased engagement into the double digit percentages

WOWZA!  Those are some massive percentages.  And we have been talking about this for months, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the numbers are so high. We have known that there are more people online. We have known that people are craving connection. We know that during the solitude of this pandemic that we are creating our new world online.

But now part of the problem is keeping up with that consistency and connection, right?  How do we do that?

Repurposing, my friend! (Totally my love language BTW!)  Today I’m chatting through ALL the reasons why Content Repurposing must be part of your strategy.

50% of marketers say they struggle to produce content, but only 29% are repurposing. {source: co-schedule}.  Not awesome numbers there.  So I compiled a list of some of the most brilliant reasons to repurpose your content.

Saves time

Yes, really. Stop rolling your eyes now. I know everyone says “xyz saves so much time!” But really, this actually does.

Time is probably one of the top reasons to repurpose.  To save time in the content creation process and give you time to do other valuable work.  It takes me a couple of hours to plan a new piece of content.  I have the original writing process, then editing, then delivering it in a video.  If I had to do that brand new a few times a week just to have content for my social media posts and my other videos, that is all I would do.  

But I essentially create 1 blog post and most of my content comes from that for the rest of my 7-10 day content cycle.  (Want to learn more about a content cycle?  We chatted about it in last month’s Content Strategy Call. Join this month and you get that call too!)

Reach a new audience

People learn and consume content in different ways.  Some prefer audio (podcasts), others prefer to read a blog, while some just want to read the bullet points in an infographic.  

If you have content created in all these mediums, you will naturally reach more people.  And if you add subtitles to your videos, that’s even more. 

And just like the more frequently and consistently you post on social media, the more people will see your message – the same is true with creating content.  You have to be visible. 

Especially now. Just as I said earlier, people are staying on sites 46% longer than before, so they are spending time reading through your stuff. You have to have “stuff” for them to read through. People are looking for someone to be a leader. Now is your time, so share your message loud and proud!

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, says the advantage to repurposing content: “You don’t have to create content day in and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people.”

Reinforce your message

I’m sure you have heard that your customer has to see your message an average of 7 times before they purchase (or 9 or 12 or 57. It seems like the number changes every day.)  Repurposing your content goes a long way to reaching that number.  And really it’s just math. (Don’t stress! It’s simple math!)

I’m going to use my own content as an example for this.  I write a blog post, then share it in a video, then in my newsletter, and I will create about 5-7 posts from the blog and video.  That is somewhere around 8-10 pieces of content from my blog post. Assuming someone sees 4-6 of those, I’m already ½ way through that sales cycle.

Amazing right?

And another thing. I love when people share graphics and quotes from Brene Brown or Oprah. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. They don’t need more help with their marketing.  They don’t need you to share their words (although they are great!)  So why not share a graphic or quote of YOUR words?  Share your brilliance and genius with your tribe, instead of someone else’s.  I promise you, there are people that are waiting to hear your words.

Diversifies your content and creates an Omnipresent approach

Consistency is important, but that doesn’t mean you should use the same platforms and mediums for everything you do.  It’s better to use the same message across diverse marketing channels, which in turns creates an Omnipresent approach (which is my other love language!) 

Your audience isn’t just on Facebook. They are also on LinkedIn or Instagram. They are watching YouTube videos and reading blogs.  They may be using Alexa Newsbriefs. Your message should be accessible in all those places.  

If you are just starting out, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed at this point.  Focus on just a few. Maybe 2 social media platforms (including video) and maybe a blog post or newsletter.  Then add in a newsletter in a few months and maybe another social media channel.

If you are already active, writing a blog, using video and email marketing, then you may be ready for a high end strategy. That is something that we write for clients all the time, so let’s connect if you are ready.

I have been working heavily in the last 3 months to create more of an Omnipresent approach. My engagement across the board is up considerably and I had twice as many people sign up for my last Content Strategy Call.  I promise you – having a strategy works.

Money, money, money, money!

Really, really. Content repurposing puts more money in your pocket in a couple of different ways. Because it’s saving you time on creating content, you are naturally saving money.  And like I mentioned earlier, because you are reaching more people, you are making more sales. So yes, content repurposing does give you more money.

Right now, especially, content isn’t optional if you want to make money.  You have to be creating something to show up as the leader I know you are.

So my friends, I hope you have a little bit more love for Content Repurposing.  It really does

  • Save you time
  • Help you reach a new audience
  • Reinforces your message
  • Diversify your content and creates an Omnipresent approach
  • Put more money in your pocket

During the May Content Strategy Call, we will be talking about all the Need to Know Content Strategies (like Content Repurposing) in more detail.  This call will give you:

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It is a 90 minute group call and you will have access to an active Facebook Group full of entrepreneurs that are also upping their game and creating Omnipresence.

I hope you’ll join us!