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What you need to know right now about the Rapidly Changing Content Landscape

Have you noticed how rapidly changing content is (well honestly, how rapidly changing EVERYTHING is) and we are only 2 months into this new decade?

There have been changes on Facebook.

There have been changes in the way we do video.  

Have you noticed that content is starting to shift?  

Have you stayed up to date on any of the changes or the new platforms?

I have seen soooo many people talking about TikTok. I’ll be honest – it scares me a little bit! I may put that one in Q4 to tackle. 😉

If you are not keeping up on the changes that have been coming and will keep coming – you will destroy your chances of success. 

Many people mistakenly believe that if they keep doing the same things that worked last year (and it probably was crazy effective!) then they will have an even better 2020.  

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is not the case when it comes to content.

Ugh….why all the changes!

We are starting to see changes all over the place. 

How we talk, what we say, and where it leads, and even what kind has started shifting.  If you haven’t noticed it, start keeping your eyes open because the changes will keep coming. 

Change is inevitable.  Did you know that this year it has been forecasted that the number of online devices will go from 8.4 billion in 2017 to 20.4 billion in 2020?

That’s a lot of freaking devices!  And it’s a lot of other entrepreneurs demanding more attention in the online world.

If you don’t ramp up your visibility and authority, you will lose more than money and momentum this year.

There’s more to content than social media

It’s not common for people to think that having a presence on social media is enough. Their Facebook page is growing and they are getting consistent engagement on their posts.  

Social media should not be your primary means of connecting with your people.  

[I’m going to pause while you read that line again!]

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to think that if they have mastered social media, then they have their content in order.

But guess what?  Social media should not be your foundational content. It shouldn’t be the main platform you focus on. It shouldn’t be the main piece of your marketing strategy.

I have heard people say, “if Facebook shuts down tomorrow, would you still have a business?” 

That may seem a little drastic because the chances of Facebook shutting down tomorrow are pretty slim.  But the point is still the same, where are you driving traffic to that is your own?

Your blog is something you own.  A podcast is something you own. You own the YouTube videos you upload.  YouTube itself is not something you own, but it is a really powerful search engine. 

To win the content game, it’s imperative that you have a foundational platform, and then build your social media with the content from that platform.

So, what should I do then?

Last week, I talked about how Omnipresence is only the first step to creating platform ownership.  It’s an important step, but it’s only the first one. 

As a recap, the traditional definition of Omnipresence is being on multiple channels at the same time.  So you are regularly posting to multiple social media channels, writing a blog post every week, using live video and stories, sending a newsletter, etc.  You may be doing a few other things, but basically, you are showing up on multiple platforms. 

If you want to become an A-list player this year, there is a deeper strategy that you need beyond just posting to multiple platforms.  

What is your content stagger? Do you know what your content cycle is?  Are you using Cooperative Content Creation? Is your ideal client more culturally diverse?

When you want to be an A-list player, you want to be considering these things too. Those all contribute to your content strategy.

It’s time to up your game, sister!

We built a strategy for one of our clients at the beginning of the year.  It was broken out into 30-day increments of what she should be working on each day/week/month/quarter.  We just had our 45-day review. Here’s what’s happened:

  • Increased her group membership by 10%
  • Increased viewership on her videos by 25%
  • Started consistently creating her own content (this is the biggest win IMO!)
  • Skyrocketed her confidence

She had such great success because we put together a strategy and she took action on the plan.  It was really awesome to see our plan work.

Commit to a strategy

Sometimes we think that not achieving our content desires of having an omnipresent approach is a failure.  

But it’s not!  

It’s an opportunity to do better. It’s a chance to learn and grow and do it differently this year, so you can show up for your ideal client in the way they are expecting. 

Commit to figuring out a new strategy for 2020.  Determine what your foundational platform will be and decide now to up your game there.  

Then, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.  Because seriously, that is something to be celebrated.

So what’s next?  

My Quarterly Content Strategy call is coming up in a few weeks.  More info coming soon!

If this is a message that resonates with you, please share the love. 💜

See you Thursday – same time, same place!