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Q1 2020 Content Recap

Everything we learned in Q1 to be successful and intentional with our content and social media marketing.

This is one of my very favorite posts that I do every few months. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love numbers. I love analytics. I love reviewing what works and what needs to be adjusted to be successful.  

That’s where this topic comes in. I do a content recap after every quarter of what we learned from the previous quarter.  So you know what changed so you can be successful with your content and social media.

When I talk about content, it’s not just a blog post.  Your content is the way you show up, what you say, what you post on social media, the video you release, the comments you make, the replies you do, everything on your website, and the blog posts.  It’s everything you say and write in relation to your business.  

Today I’m sharing the 3 things that we learned in Q1 about content and social media strategy.  When you implement these 3 things, you will see increased engagement and connection with your tribe.


You gotta show up!  If you are not posting on social media every day, that needs to be your first goal.  Mark time in your calendar right now to post every single day to your social media pages.  You also should schedule time to do at least 1 video a week. Your audience wants to see you.  So before I go any further, I want you to commit to those right now.

There are so many more businesses and people online right now that if you aren’t posting consistently and showing up more frequently, then you will be drowned out by all the other players. The platforms know who is showing up.  They have fancy algorithms that give preference to people that are committed. 

Most people don’t know what to do, so they are numbing out or running in fear. When that happens they aren’t making the greatest decisions on content or showing up at all.  Did you know that fear disables 33% of your brain? So it is literally harder to make choices. Those people that are stuck in fear are looking for someone to guide them. Be that person!

Right now, content isn’t optional if you are trying to make money. Content is your product. It’s your storefront, your customer service team, your sales team. If you don’t have your content shored up, your content just stayed home on you. 

I had a client that had 2 people sign up for her $2k/month coaching program in March. I have another client that increased her engagement 1,300% in March and another that had her video views increase 3,300%.  They all had such success because they are showing up every single day and their audience is responding to their message.

So times may be tough and crazy, but it’s possible to grow and be successful despite the chaos.

Flexible Content

It used to be that it was okay to plan content a month at a time.  We had clients last year that liked to plan it a quarter at a time.  That just doesn’t work anymore. We learned that in Q1 this year. Things are changing so often. 

Most people who are marketing and put together a plan for a year or social media calendar for months, if they stick with it, they are risking not just being irrelevant, which would be painful, but they are risking having no audience. 

I used to plan my content by month.  I was really good at it. I would sit down every few weeks and plan exactly what I was going to do on every platform for the next month. I would review my analytics to see what was driving.  It worked. Then at the beginning of this year, I changed to plan in 1-2 week increments because I found that my content was becoming irrelevant by the end of each month.

Now I plan my content week by week.  Is it more work? A little bit. Is my content more relevant? 100%. Do we do this for our clients too? Absolutely.

Remember, your content is how you show up in the world, your posts, your website, how you respond to messages.  

Make sure you have time scheduled in your calendar every single week to plan your content.  When are you recording a video? What are you talking about? Are you blogging or sending a newsletter?  Make a plan and stick with it for the week. I promise it will make it easier.


You probably have heard me use this word quite a bit. It’s one of my favorite buzz words.  But there are a lot of people that don’t know what it means. 

The traditional definition is being on multiple channels at the same time.  So you are regularly posting to multiple social media channels, writing a blog post every week, using live video and stories, and probably sending out a newsletter.  You may be doing a few other things, but basically you are showing up on multiple platforms. 

For some of you, that’s more expansive that you are already doing.  And that’s okay! We all need to start somewhere. If you are just beginning and this is all a new concept, start with posting every day (like we have been talking about), then work video into the mix in the next couple of weeks, then branch out to another platform.

For others of you, you are already doing all those things. And maybe you already have a team in place that is doing those things for you, but you are already committed to taking over the internet with your message.

Quarter 1 has taught us that people want to see MORE of you. They are dying for connection.  I posted on my personal page yesterday about it being 30 days since a state of emergency was declared.  I had so many people saying that they missed connection. They missed seeing people. 

Guess what?  You can be that person they are looking to connect with.  For some people, it might be on Facebook and others Instagram and some LinkedIn or YouTube.  That’s why it’s so important to be more than one place. 

If you are not to that point yet, it’s okay. Put it on your wishlist to become more omnipresent this year.


To recap, if there is one thing that we learned from Q1 of this year, it’s that we all crave connection and more meaningful, deep relationships. 

Commit to being that for your people.  

  1. Show up consistently.  Post every single day. If you aren’t using video, work that into your content plan. People want to see your beautiful face!
  2. Create flexible content.  The days of planning your content by month are over. It needs to be a weekly date in your calendar to keep up with all the changes. Commit to scheduling time each week to work on creating new content for your people. 
  3. Omnipresence. Show up on more than 1 platform.  Your people are on more than just Facebook. Your content is more than just social media, so consider adding video, blogging, and email marketing to your content plan.