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4 things you don’t know about creating profitable content

So you know you should be creating content, but do you know how to create profitable content? 

Keep reading to discover the 4 things you should know about creating PROFITABLE content!

I have been talking a lot in the last few weeks about Profitable Content.  My Mastermind Experience is coming up tomorrow (it’s just $27 and there is still time to join, folks!), but it’s also because your social media should be profitable.  

The content you are taking time to create every single month/week/day (however often you do it!) should be making you money.  It should be shortening your sales cycle. 

That’s the great thing about profitable content is that it brings you money over and over again!

So let’s talk about why profitable content matters.

You weren’t put on earth to slave away at your social media

You have families or friends or hobbies that may have been ignored. We have all been there, myself included.  

Have you ever been at the computer at midnight exhausted because you have been up since 6am working or managing a household? 

You feel like you aren’t getting any traction on social media?

You aren’t sure how to show up in the world right now with the crazy headlines and now schools starting back?

Or maybe you have no idea how to take your social media to a bigger audience.

Social media is not meant to be that hard.  It should bring you connection, fun, and yes, even leads.

99% of traffic is not ready to buy

That means if they see just 1 post from you, chances are they will move along.  They need to be nurtured. They need to be educated about who you are and why you are great.  

Think about some of the people that you like to follow or even some of the ones you have purchased from in the past.  Have they only shared about something 1 time? 

Or do they talk about it in their stories, in a video, in their posts on a few platforms, and probably their email too?

Your traffic and audience need that nurturing and very, very rarely buy the first time they see you.  Nurturing is that process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of your sales funnel. It’s super important to listening to the needs of your prospects and responding to their objections.

95% of sales happen after the 7th contact

If you haven’t heard of the rule of 7, it means that a prospect needs to hear your message at least 7 times before they will take action or move to the next step in your sales cycle. 

Remembering the rule of 7 is CRITICAL in social media and content. 

So, if you are only posting about something 1x, then people will most likely move along to the next post or the next thing.  You also run the high risk that they will forget they were interested or wait until it comes around again. That’s just human habit.

I actually had a sales call with someone last week. He said that the reason he is going with me is because of my follow up and consistency on social media. I have had people come to me that I didn’t know but have said they were watching me for a while and decided to join.

If I wasn’t consistent and nurturing through that process, then they would have never bought.  And then my content wouldn’t have been profitable.

The other great thing about social media is that you can have 1 post that you share in different formats and different platforms – aka content repurposing. It doesn’t have to be difficult to get those 7 contacts, but it does need to be strategic.

68% of prospects leave because of indifference

Indifference means that they don’t have a particular love for you or your product.  They could take it or leave it.  

To me, this is kind of sad!! 

I want people to come to my pages and feel happy and joyful and educated – not indifferent.  And hopefully, I don’t have that many people leaving, but if you aren’t taking the time to create engaging content, if you aren’t using video to connect with your tribe, they may be leaving because they don’t feel that passion for you or your product.

One of the purposes of social media is to keep them engaged and focused on you. To keep them coming back for more and excited to see what you post about next or your next video.  It is the process of creating raving fans that want every piece of what you create.


So why does profitable content matter? 

  • Because you shouldn’t be spending all your time creating content and on social media
  • 99% of your traffic is not ready to buy
  • 95% of sales happen after the 7th contact
  • 68% of prospects leave because of indifference

Are you ready to discover more about creating profitable content?

Tomorrow morning at 10am MT is the Profitable Content Mastermind Experience.  It’s a workshop/mastermind where you will discover

  • Why you should be creating content right now
  • What types of content you should be creating and how to create a plan to start
  • How to assess your own social media posts and  content
  • A clear path to creating content that generates cash flow

I hope to see you there!