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How do you get people to see your social media posts?

You know that relationship marketing is such a crucial part of your business, but you are having a hard time figuring out how to do that if no one sees your posts.

You put a lot of time and energy into creating content or getting the nerve to go Live on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Not to mention the time it takes to get camera ready!

But then, you get no interaction or engagement on your video.  It’s like no one saw it at all!

And you see your friends or business pals getting all sorts of traction in their feed. You see their video all over your feeds.  I mean come on, every time you open up Facebook, you see Suzie Q’s posts and not your own. What the heck?

It totally sucks when that happens doesn’t it?  

It’s all about visibility and quality of content.  I recently heard in the podcast Marketing School that it now takes 14x of a person seeing your content for them to buy.  It used to be like 8-10. There is so much content on the internet now, so it’s important that your posts are being seen.

Well, my friend, I have 3 reasons people aren’t seeing your content and what you can do about it.

There is this fancy thing that you have all heard of called the Facebook (or Instagram or LinkedIn or whatever platform) Algorithm.  Nobody is really 100% sure how these work because they are a very close guarded secret and they change often. We do have hints and tips from the platforms so we have some idea of it, but not 100%.  

But we do know that, everytime you – or your ideal client – opens up a platform, it takes into consideration everything that you share, like, comment on, engage with, etc.  So engagement and interaction with your posts is super important.

Without further ado – here are my 3 reasons that people aren’t seeing your posts.

You aren’t recording Live video

I know you have heard this 100 times before, but social platforms really do give preference to people using Live video consistently.  And by 2021 80% of internet traffic will be video, so you might as well get on the bandwagon now. It’s scary and hard sometimes (I know!  I’m working on these skills myself), but it is super important to add to your marketing plan.

Bonus Tip – run an ad to the video for a few days after you record it.  This will get extra eyes on your videos and help you narrow down your target market and who is actually watching and engaging with your videos.

Also – make sure you are planning your content. If you have a plan, it’s more likely to happen.  Check out our Content Creation Guide for help with this part.

You don’t tell your audience to follow you or engage with your posts

You have to let people know when and where you will be going live or posting.  Do you do Facebook Live at 10am on Tuesday, then post to Instagram stories all day, then post your blog on LinkedIn every Friday?  What is your schedule. Share it with your people. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know (newsletter, platforms, etc.) And really, if you ask people to do something, they usually will.

The other part of this is, posts lose value with age.  So, the longer your post has been active, the less frequently it will show up in people’s feeds – which is why repurposing your content works so well. I have a ton of info about that on my blog and other Facebook live videos.  So check it out!

Then reshare, reshare, reshare. This really will play into the algorithm. If you have a great post, then totally reshare it!  I have a client that wrote a post about ceiling fans several years ago. Everytime she re-shares it, her analytics quadruple. It’s kinda crazy, but also proof that it does work.

You don’t post consistently

You have to show up.  Showing up is 90% of the game in my opinion.  People want to see you and get to know you, so you have to show up.

The algorithm takes into account the types of things you are posting (video, pictures, text, etc.) and how much engagement you get on each of those.  So if people aren’t regularly seeing things from you, then they don’t have anything to interact with, so then you are farther down the line of importance to the platform.  So post different things regularly!

Getting engagement on your social platforms is kinda like going to the gym or nutrition – you have to switch up your routine to see results. If you are constantly doing the same thing at the gym or eating the same meal every single day you aren’t going to see much progress because your body is getting comfortable.  

It’s the same with your social posts.  People want to see different types of content so they don’t get bored.  (If you need help creating a plan for your content, check out our Content Creation Guide)

Getting engagement on social platforms is possible. It can be frustrating, but it’s possible!  What is your favorite way to boost engagement?

If you need help creating the content to post consistently – check out the new Content Creation Guide

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