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Aah creating content. Isn’t that fun?  We sure think so. In fact, we think it’s so much fun we are rebranding the company so we are in alignment with creating content and content repurposing.  But more on that in a few weeks! I’m so excited for this. Well for most (if not all) entrepreneurs, you are used to handling all your content on your own. Perhaps your business is still new or maybe you didn’t know that content creation actually is something you can outsource. Maybe you are still getting established online or aren’t consistently creating yet.

Either way, you are ready to step up the content game.  Maybe you know how and maybe you don’t, but we can help.  One of the smartest things you can do as an entrepreneur is delegate your work.  I absolutely love when people get to this stage of business. It’s so exciting to see our clients (and friends!) expand their business.

When you start outsourcing (no matter what the task), you need to make sure you are on the same page as your team.  What does that entail exactly? I’ve come up with 5 questions to consider before you delegate.

Do you know what types of content you want to outsource?

There are soooo many types of content. And you probably could outsource all of them, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Your audience wants to connect with YOU in some way and that’s hard to do if someone else is always producing the content.  My suggestion to my clients is that they focus on the video (even if someone else does the editing) and let a skilled professional (like us!) handle the rest.  

So here are a few things you could consider delegating:

    • Blog posts
    • Posting to any social media channels
    • YouTube
    • Downloads/Free content
    • Newsletters

There really are about 82 other things you could add to that list, but you get the idea.  Think about which pieces you actually enjoy doing and can still give you that personal touch, and look at outsourcing the rest.

Do you have the systems or processes in place to support outsourcing?

If not, that’s okay. Just make sure you are working with a team that can help you get there.  The freelancer you do choose to work with should walk through the process with you to make sure you are on the same page and they understand your expectations.

Even better though – plan ahead to get yourself organized before you hire. Document the steps that you currently take for your content creation or that you would like to see happen.  This will help ensure a seamless transition when you do bring someone on board.

Is your brand clear, concise, and cohesive? Can you easily communicate it to others?

Oh man. This one is a big huge deal.  You have to have your branding guidelines established before you outsource. It’s crucial that there is consistency with everything you do, beyond just the colors and fonts.  

Does your team understand your mission and values? How do you like to communicate?  What verbiage do you like to use? What pictures encompass the feelings that you are trying to create about your business? Who is your ideal client?  This last one is one of the most important. The person you are outsourcing to must understand who the content should be directed at.

If you need help identifying the answers to any of those questions or anything branding related, we trust Your Brand By Design with all our branding expertise.

Do you know your budget?

Freelancer fees can vary widely, so it’s important to know what your budget is.  If you hire someone that is on the cheaper scale, but most likely inexperienced, you are going to spend more time training, answering questions, and back-and-forth.  

Whereas, if you hire someone that is experienced and most likely more costly, things will probably get done faster and to your expectations.  They may also be able to provide you industry feedback so you are always top of your game. It’s definitely something to consider when you are hiring.  You will get what you pay for.

Does your freelancer understand your industry?  Or are they willing to learn?

This is huge.  This is especially important if you are having a copywriter blog for you.   It’s important that whoever is writing for you – whether it be for blogs, newsletters, or social media – that they understand your industry and the experience you want to create for your ideal client.  This really goes back to how well you know your own branding. It’s important that you have those pieces lined up first, before you can communicate them to anyone else.

So when you can answer yes to all these questions, you are ready to look at hiring someone to help with your content creation. If not, a good freelancer will help you figure it out and walk you through all the steps.  

Are you ready to outsource?  Schedule a time to chat and find out!

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