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Growing pains and growth spurts aren’t just terms that apply to kids, although it sure seems like my kids are growing a lot lately. That or they’re just eating like teenage boys for fun… even though they’re under five.

In any case, growth spurts are also going to hit your business. And, when they do, they can either be terrifying or exhilarating.

Kids and businesses both have growing pains.measure

Growing, at least when it relates to kids, makes me think of a few things:

  • Tightness: clothes no longer fit right (or at all)
  • Hunger: how one person can consume *that* much food is a mystery
  • Clumsiness: those growing, flailing limbs can’t seem to avoid knocking things over
  • Maturity: with these changes comes deeper understanding and learning

When it comes to business, the same things still apply:

  • Tightness: the budget can be stretched more thinly than you’d like
  • Hunger: the demand for your products and services is spiking
  • Clumsiness: mistakes are inevitable and things will go wrong
  • Maturity: as your business grows, it’ll settle into its new groove

It’s that last thought that makes each of these growing pains worth it, though. Making it through all of this, though, can be tricky without the right mindset and some of the right resources.

Being prepared is the best route…

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? So obviously it’s best to be prepared for the growing pains as they come. What, though, does that mean? In my experience, it’s meant:

  • Networking to find new talentmarketing-man-person-communication-large
  • Touching base with colleagues and associates for referrals
  • Trying new resources to find the right ones for my business
  • Delegating when and where possible

It’s like with my kids. I know that they’re going to grow. So when I can, I try to have the next size up of clothing on hand. Because you never know when they’ll fit their church pants one week and rip them the next. With my business, I network to not only grow my business, but also to find great talent that I want to utilize.

I try different resources – not only so I can make recommendations to clients, but so that I know what works for when I need it, too.

…but it doesn’t always work.

Sometimes, though, kids and businesses just grow out of nowhere. In those instances, you’re left scrambling to pick up the pieces, find what works, and keep going. It means that there’s a few days, weeks, or months that are rough. It means long hours and lots of work. It’s not the happiest place to be. But you know what does make it easier? Having a partner – somebody you can trust.

So when that overnight growth spurt hits, just know that we’re here – and we’re here for you.

 We work with business owners bringing in between $100k and $1MM who are actively growing their business, but feel weighted down int eh areas of social media, customer services, and/or admin work. We can help! Set up a FREE strategy consultation on Kristy’s calendar. CLICK HERE to schedule some time to chat!

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