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It’s no secret that I love LinkedIn. Part of the reason that I love it is because it’s designed to facilitate network marketing and referrals. Why do I love networking and referrals? Well, not only is it amazing to make some new friends and connections, but the return on investment is fantastic! In any case, though, it does require constant work and maintenance, but it’s worth it!Network Marketing takes

Network marketing takes connecting

I didn’t decide to marry my husband after the first time I met him. We went on dates and got to know each other first. Business colleagues are the same way – it’s going to take some time to get to know each other before they’ll do business with you. Oh, and just because my husband and I are married doesn’t mean that we’re done dating. We have to continually work on our relationship to keep it strong. Business relationships also need constant nurturing!

On average, it takes at least four connections, interactions, or ‘touches’ before a connection will decide to do business with you. Can you imagine if all you got was four dates before you married someone? Thankfully, my husband and I dated for longer than that! Some of your potential clients will take longer, too. That’s fine. Those relationships are still worth nurturing.

What constitutes a ‘touch’?man-person-hand-lens-large

Okay, so I’m not saying you need to go over to them and actually touch them! That could get awkward – fast. A touch is simply connecting with them. The more personal the connection, the stronger the touch is. Meeting with them in person for lunch is a very strong touch. Sending an email blast to 200 potential clients is a much weaker touch, unless it’s an amazingly written email that still manages to be personable and generates interaction.

In any case, I love using the LinkedIn messaging system – it’s an easy way to make that first touch after connection. From there, I recommend moving your conversation to email or over the phone – if not in person. Why? Because a messaging system, while convenient, is still so impersonal.

It’s been my greatest investment

Okay, so why do I love this kind of marketing? Easy: it gets great results – and I meet some of the most amazing people. Of the people that I’ve reached out to on LinkedIn, I’ve made lasting friendships and connections with more than 70% of them! And, since my goal is to reach out to at least a handful of new people each week, I’ve been making some absolutely amazing connections.

I once heard it said that it’s not what you know – it’s who you know. And, in that case, I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people that I practically have ‘a guy’ or ‘a gal’ in almost every industry that I can turn to for advice or a quick answer to a question. That’s true networking and network marketing power!

Oh, and of the network I’ve created? More than half of those have gone on to become trusted clients and admin-ease partners. That’s an awesome return on my investment of a mere 15 minutes per day.

I’d love to help you learn how to use network marketing to your advantage. Comment below, email me, or connect with me on LinkedIn and we can chat.

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