I'm in!

hiding in plain sight online?

do you feel like you are

You have to show up consistently with impactful content that speaks directly to your ideal client.....

The key to filling up the top of your funnel is visibility! 

what is the biggest difference between
👏a business that is attracting a steady stream of leads and
👎 one that attracts leads at a frustratingly inconsistent place?

But that takes a lot of time and energy ...
that you probably don't have

Creating more visibility online doesn't have to be hard .. but it does need to be strategic

And Content Repurposing is the BEST way to increase your visibilty, expand your audience, and grow your impact ... in a SIMPLE way.

I believe that business owners spend too much time focused on keeping up with online trends, and not enough time sharing their own message. 

Don't worry.  I've got you. 😎

Your people are waiting for you to show up and show them the way!

Discover the secret to creating more visibility in less time by repurposing your content to multiple platforms and mediums.

Everything you need to know about creating content and social media posts that are cohesive and actually convert. 

A framework to get the confidence and know-how to show up consistently online, share your message, and build an engaging audience.

Templates, checklists, and videos. Oh my!  We share all the things in SIMPLE to implement steps so you know exactly what to do to increase your impact.

It's time to Multiply Your Message...

— heather dumas

within 24 hours i connected with my ideal client...all because of the strategies kristy taught me. she is a rockstar!

Uncover more about your ideal client than you ever thought possible!  (Knowing your IC is the KEY to creating great content.)

Complete our signature Content Assessment, so you know exactly what content you already have to repurpose.

ABC's of content repurposing.  Do this every single time you create content to make sure it's ready to repurpose!

Set the Foundation

module 1

Content cornerstones are an essential parts of your business. Discover what your ideal client is anxious to learn from you. 

Identify your zones of genius so you know what content to create that will convert and increase your sales seamlessly

How to create a content calendar full of content so you never run out of ideas AND is simple to implement.

Content Themes

module 2

Discover exactly what content is and isn't.   The answers might surprise you!

Understand the value of creating original content for your audience every single week and why it's the key to developing relationships.

How to start creating content right now and create a consistent habit so you never stop showing up for your people.

The perfect content scripts that make it super simple to repurpose your content to increase your visibility and grow your community.

Creating Content that Converts

module 3

Understand the value of repurposing: how it will save you time, increase your reach, and strengthen your message.

Create a system for repurposing that is simple to follow and easy to implement,

How to find the key moments that are the best to repurpose and optimize them in other formats.

Discover the value in repurposing to increase your visibility and grow your impact and reach

Multiply Your Message
aka Content Repurposing

module 4

Why analytics matter and how to really interpret them (pssstttt.....you don't have to be an expert to understand the numbers!)

Discover how simple it can be to consistently review your metrics so your content can become more successful.

Understand how your metrics can transform your marketing and help you connect with your ideal client even better than before. 

Create a simple system that's easy to follow and implement.

Understanding Your Metrics

module 5

5 Video Modules
Discover the power of content repurposing and how SIMPLE it can be to increase your impact and grow your business

What's included

Templates, Downloads, ShortCuts, oh my!
There is no need to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel.  We've got you covered with templates, downloads, and shortcuts to help you reach your goals

Training Library
Inside the program, you'll find a library of training videos for a variety of topics such as how to create amazing graphics in Canva, how to repurpose a blog post, and our favorite softwares & apps

Pay In Full Bonus:  30 minute call with Kristy
You'll get 30 minutes of personal Q&A time with Kristy to ask her all your burning questions about content repurposing and creating a plan that gets results

introducing the content simplified academy

I'm in!

It's time to stop hiding in plain sight and start getting the massive visibility you've been working for

- Annie Sission, Into the Bold

"Since I've been working with Simply Online, the majority of my clients are now coming through social media. I love their approach to content creation. It's so simple!"

"It's so simple!"

- Laura Rike, Pinterest Powerhouse

"Kristy helped me see things in a whole new way, that as an entrepreneur I was missing.  She literally helped me go from overwhelm to excitement. #gamechanger'

"don't walk...run! you will not regret it"

- Amber Griffiths, Your Brand By Design

"Kristy's ability to understand the trends of content repurposing and then translate that into strategies that drive your business forward, is nothing short of incredible!"

"i continue to be amazed at everything i learn!"

You are tired of doing all the work and following all the gurus with little return on your investment

You know you need more visibility to get your message out to the masses, but aren't sure where to start

You need to be consistent with creating content, but the process is overwhelming

You are ready to do more with your marketing & connect with more of the right people

who is this for?

You aren't quite ready to outsource, but you want to do more with your marketing

You are a Social media or content manager that wants to learn how to repurpose for your clients

You are an entrepreneur overwhelmed by increasing your visibility & looking to simplify the system

introducing the content simplified academy

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last 7+ years, I know how overwhelming it can be to increase your visibility, create more content, and show up consistently on social media. I also know how integral those things are to creating a thriving business.  

I help entrepreneurs all over the world organically expand their audiences, increase their reach, and grow their impact - all by creating 1 piece of original content a week.

I live in Salt Lake City with my hot husband and 3 kiddos. When I'm not at home, I'm probably in the mountains (#MyHappyPlace) with a true-crime novel and peanut butter M&M's.

I'm kristy honsvick and increasing visibility is my jam.

hello, friend.

introducing the content simplified academy

introducing the content simplified academy

introducing the content simplified academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to repurpose? I already create tons of content.

I'm brand new to this and not creating any content. Is this still a good fit?

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

why all the pineapples?

So awesome!  I believe that entrepreneurs spend too much time creating content. There is a much easier way. Content Repurposing is not only simpler to do and easier to outsource, it also keeps your content cohesive across all the platforms. It really is amazing! 

Yep! You betcha. You'll get the inside track to creating content in a SIMPLE way. It's easy to implement and keep consistent (which really is the first step to creating visibility online!). 

This is a 1x purchase for the life of the course. There are no refunds or cancellations.  There is a lot of content to help you create a consistent content plan that will convert.  But like any other program ... you get out of it what you put into it. 

Pineapples represent warmth, welcome, and friendship. I hope everyone I meet and interacts with my brand has that experience.  🍍

Are you ready to increase your visibility, leverage your expertise, and grow your impact?