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hand-with-mobile-phone-outdoorsOdds are, if I’m surfing the web, it’s from my phone. It’s just so much easier to use, if only because I’ve always got it with me. When I’m cuddling my kids and I need to look something up, I turn to my phone (because other wise my boys would totally hijack my computer!). If I’m out between meetings and it’s time for a quick Facebook Live Video, my phone is there with me.

Mobile use is on the up-and-up. It’s the next wave in Internet use, marketing, connectivity, and interaction. That’s why it’s vital that you get in on the mobile marketing scene – ASAP.

Now, all that being said, there’s a huge caveat. Just because Google is rewarding mobile-friendly sites doesn’t mean that it’s okay to bombard your prospective clients with pop-up ads of all shapes and sizes. In fact, Google will be punishing those companies that take the pop-up too far with a diminished page rank. So it’s all about balancing the user experience (pop-up ads drive me bonkers! If I’m going to your site, nothing drives me away faster than an intrusive pop-up ad) with great marketing for your company.

How, then, do you strike a balance? Well, from all I’ve read, it’s more the outside ads that will count against your page. If you’ve got a pop-up window promoting your email list, that’s a great marketing campaign. However, if you’ve got a sponsor and you’re popping up their ad every 3 seconds, Google is probably going to bury your page.

So as you gear up your website to be more mobile friendly, remember to take it easy on the mobile ads. Us mobile browsers will thank you for it – and so will your Google page rank.

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