How do you make sure that your kids are eating and growing enough? Well, short of force-feeding mine for every meal (because they’d totally let themselves be force-fed toast), I use a couple of different metrics to make sure that they’re eating enough. First, are they growing? Second, are they developing? And third, are they active and happy?

Oh, and you’d better believe that I use those same questions when it comes to measuring success on social media.

SUCCESS TAKES TIMEMeasuring success on social media: is it growing?

My kids didn’t grow overnight. Sometimes it seems like they did, but I promise you – they don’t. It’s the same with my social media accounts. They take time, effort, and being ‘fed’ in order to grow. Now, what can you feed your social media accounts?

You can’t feed it food, but you can feed it great content. And when you post great content, it’s going to get shared and seen by more people. If you want to help it be seen by even more people, I also recommend you use a sponsored post or an ad. Because they really do work!

Is it developing properly?

Once I’ve made sure to keep my social media full of great content, I also like to make sure it’s developing well. Specifically, is what I posted getting liked/shared/commented on/+1’d/whatever else. Because as there’s more engagement on my social media posts, it’s going to get seen by even more people.

Oh, and remember that ad? That’s going to make it happen faster.

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

Is it active and happy?

I like to make sure that my kids – and my social media – are active and happy. This means more than just engagement. It means that I need to evaluate what kinds of conversations are being said both on my social media profiles and *about* my social media profiles. Are my customers happy? Are they tweeting their praises or are they asking for help with a concern?

Having an active audience gives you the opportunity to make sure that they’re 100% satisfied – or to help convert them into 100% happy and satisfied customers. And that’s not just to prevent bad press – it’s also to help build great press via word of mouth and social media.

Add time and stir…

Finally, positive and sustainable growth doesn’t happen overnight. Kids take years to grow up. Businesses take time, too. Anyone who says otherwise is usually selling snake oil.

Even though this does take time, the investment is *so* worth it. Because as you scale up your social media efforts over time, your business will just continue to grow in tandem with your brand name recognition.

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