What do you call a canary who flew into a pastry dish?

Tweetie pie!

What do you give a sick bird?


Not long ago, the only associations people had with words like “tweeting,” “tweety,” or “twitter” were jokes or the little yellow bird from Looney Toons. It’s hard to believe that a bird word has transformed into one of the major ways people communicate on the Internet. Twitter seems ever-present. Everyone from teenagers, celebrities, and moms use Twitter.

Many companies take advantage of Twitter’s popularity to promote their businesses on the platform. You probably do too. But how do you know if you’re getting the most out of your Twitter presence? Twitter analytic tools are the best way to know if you’re reaching the most people and the right kind of people.

Let’s take a look at two of the top Twitter analytic tools:

Twitter Analytics

twitterTwitter itself has a great platform to show how well your twittering is going. You can access the analytic information by going to analytics.twitter.com. It’s available to all Twitter users who have had an account for at least fourteen days.

The opening page shows a dashboard which displays your activity over the past seven days: Number of tweets, tweet impressions (how many people saw your tweets), profile visits, mentions, and number of followers. The dashboard will show whether your current activity is up or down from past activity.

You can also click on individual tweets to see how they performed. Twitter Analytics will show you how many impressions that tweet received. It will also show how many engagements the tweet received. In other words, how many people took some sort of action on that tweet like retweeting it, liking it, or clicking on the link in the tweet.

Twitter Analytics has an Audience section which tells you about your current followers. It provides great information about your potential customers like their key interests on Twitter, their professions, gender, household income, cellphone carriers, and buying styles.

Twitter Analytics shows you a wealth of information about your Twitter activity. Other Twitter analytic tools not only show you statistics about your Twitter usage, but also help you maximize your Twitter presence.


socialbroSocialBro has many features aimed at improving your Twitter engagement. It has both a free version with limited features and a paid version. The free version is open to any users with less than 5,000 followers. The cost of the paid version depends upon how many followers the user has.

One of the coolest SocialBro features is Best Time to Tweet report. It analyzes your past tweets as well as when your followers are usually on Twitter. Using that information, it creates a report stating the best time to tweet if you want the maximum number of impressions and engagement. Knowing how to reach people is one of the key ways to increase your Twitter presence.

Like Twitter Analytics, SocialBro gives you lots of information about your followers. You can find out where they’re from, demographic information, whether you’re reciprocal followers, and more. SocialBro can also help you look for new followers. It will show people who are influential on Twitter. This helps you know who to reach out to. Hopefully, they will follow you back and bring their friends along.

So many people are spending their free time (and maybe some secret working time) on Twitter. It’s become the old town tavern, the place where people come to gather and talk about their day. That means it’s a great place for businesses to reach out to new and old customers. With a little help from Twitter analytic tools like Twitter Analytics and SocialBro, your Twitter presence will soon be soaring!

As great and easy as Twitter analytic tools are, you still only have 24 hours in the day (if you’ve somehow found more, please let me in on the secret!). Let us help you manage your Twitter presence so you can twitter along doing the work you do best. Give us a call!

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