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How the Marketing Rule of 7 and Content Repurposing shorten the sales cycle

Staying relevant in marketing is more important than ever. 

Your people are constantly flooded with messages from competing brands. It’s essential to keep your message fresh and engaging while having an active presence across multiple platforms. 

But how do you do that and keep your sanity?

Enter the Marketing Rule of 7 and content repurposing.  Both strategies will shorten your sales cycle and grow your business faster than ever. 

What is the Marketing Rule of 7?

Prospects need to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action. That action could be anything from following you on social media to buying from you. 

The Marketing Rule of 7 has been around since the 1930s when movie studios used it. They realized that for people to want to see a movie, they needed to see the advertisement at least seven times.

The gist of the Marketing Rule of 7 hasn’t changed in nearly a hundred years, and that’s because it works

Your potential customers need to interact with your brand or company multiple times before they consider taking action. 

7x seems like a lot

Well, you’re right, it can be a lot.  In fact, experts are saying now it’s more like someone has to see your message 77x before they take action.  

Regardless of the number, it can be hard to get your message in front of people more than a few times because we live in a content-induced world. 

But the marketing rule of 7 … err 77 – is telling us that people have to see your message MANY times before taking action. 

But how do you create that much content and not lose your mind?

Applying the Marketing Rule of 7

Those movie studios had to create and distribute promotional materials cleverly to get them in front of potential moviegoers. 

Back then, they didn’t have the luxury of social media, paid advertisements, short-form videos, etc.   We have a lot of options these days. 

The digital age has affected the Rule of 7 in two ways. 

  1. It made the competition fiercer. Nearly every business has an online presence.
  2. It provided infinitely more tools. Blog posts, email campaigns, podcasts, and guest blogging are readily available.

It may seem impossible to create that much content if you aren’t a full-time marketer. But there’s another way to apply the rule without running yourself ragged.

Content Repurposing and shortening the sales cycle

Content repurposing changes the game for the Marketing Rule of 7.  

Think about it: every time you post on social media, send an email, message someone in the chat, or share a reel, you are ticking off that countdown from 7 to 0. 

As your ideal clients see you on different platforms and mediums, your content becomes more familiar. You’ve begun to build relationships and increase the chances that your message will be noticed more frequently. 

 Thus, shortening the sales cycle.  Ta-da!

We teach our clients to create once and repurpose twice (at least in the beginning).  With more seasoned business owners, we take one piece of content and create 15 new ones. (It’s our most sought-after service!)

Content Repurposing shortens the sales cycle because people see your content in more places, increasing their likelihood of taking action.

 Are you ready to knock the Marketing Rule of 7 out of the park?  We can help