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Have you ever tried juggling?

I’ve tried it a few times with pretty consistent results. Yeah, I’m pretty awful at it. I’m either going to drop all of the pins (or balls), get hit in the head, or both. The only time I stand a chance is when I’m juggling small scarves – and that feels like cheating.

Managing multiple priorities is like juggling

It requires practice.

You don’t get to be great at managing multiple priorities *OR* juggling without lots of practice. And, while I don’t have the patience or skill level to be a great juggler, I have been taking the time to practice with prioritization and management.

Hey, what can I say! Being able to prioritize has been a lot more helpful for me in my life than juggling has been.

How, exactly, do you practice this kind of skill? Well, every time you’re trying to determine which of the important tasks needs to be done next, you’re practicing it. Every time you’re wondering if you can get task B done before you need to go to meeting A, you’re working on it.

Both require hard work.

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I have a neighbor who can not only juggle like crazy, he can also ride a unicycle. And yes, he can do both at the same time. That’s some serious dedication and hard work right there.

Learning how to juggle the tasks and prioritization is just as hard – but without any unicycles, thankfully. As you scramble to get task B done before meeting A, it’s going to take hard work and dedication to get it done in time. But it is possible if you have the time and willpower to do it.

And both require learning from failure.

Remember the unicycle-riding, juggling neighbor? I want to ask him how many times he’s been beaned in the head, but I can’t find a way to bring it up politely. (Maybe I’ll just have to show his wife this post…)

Just as I’m sure he had to learn by doing and failing, sometimes so do we. Thankfully, we aren’t usually having to learn by actually being beaned in the head by balls or juggling pins, but it’s still painful when we don’t accomplish something *perfectly* on that first attempt.

juggle 3

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Thankfully, in business, there’s always room for improvement and the ability to try again.


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