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Making Social Media Simple With a Strategy

We are officially ½ way through 2020. Do you have a social media strategy in place for the next 6 months?

Maybe that’s a glass half thing for you or maybe it’s a glass half empty.  Where ever you are at, know that there is still time to reach your goals.  There is still time to power through and come out on top.

But to do that, you have to have a plan.  So, do you have a strategy and a plan for how to grow your social media and get the results you crave in 2020?

Social Media Strategy #1: Video

Yep. Video.  FB Live. Instagram Live. IGTV. YouTube Live. LinkedIn LIve. Really any video for that matter.  Are you using it?  Are you using it consistently?

Video should be part of your strategy. There is an increasing demand for video content. In fact, 87% of marketing professionals are using video. There is huge power in video. 

Especially live video.

Live Video is crazy effective in sharing your message. It also shows your personality, your quirks, your passions. That is what consumers want to see anyway.

 If you say the wrong word or have a slip of the tongue, it shows that you are human. It shows that you make mistakes too, but you power through. People love and respond better to authenticity, especially right now. 

Right now, people care less about perfection and more about consistency.  They want to know that you are there for them. That you are supporting them and cheering them on.  Video is a great way to communicate that. 

85% of internet users in the US watch video content. 

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. 

Numbers don’t lie. People want video. So make it part of your marketing plan. 

Social Media Strategy #2: VideoContent Planning 

You gotta have a plan. For reals. 

If you are just winging it on social media, you will get less engagement and less return on investment over time.  Your posts won’t be cohesive and they won’t convert.  

Have you ever sat down to post something and you think “Did I already post that this week?”  Chances are since it’s fresh on your mind, you already did.  

And if you are just randomly picking topics, then your topic may not resonate with your audience. And you won’t connect with them long term. And isn’t the point of social media to connect?

Let me tell you why having a plan is so important.  Last night our power went out and then our internet went out too.  The power came back on at 530am this morning and the internet about 30 minutes ago. It hasn’t been a fun morning!

In fact, I considered rescheduling this for tomorrow, but I remembered that I really had no reason. My topic was planned. My outline was written. The bot already went out for a reminder (if you want on the bot list, let me know and I’ll add you). And the blog will post in a few minutes too.

I literally had everything ready, so why reschedule?

When you are making your plan, there are a few things to consider:

  • Where are you posting?
  • Have you reviewed your metrics so you know what your audience wants? 
  • What are your goals for the month?
  • Do you have anything you are promoting?

Knowing those things ahead of time will help you soo much!

Schedule your planning sessions RIGHT NOW.  1x a week sit down to plan your content and review your metrics.

Social Media Strategy #3: VideoPosting Consistently

I talk about this a lot, but what does that really mean?  

In my Strategic Planning Formula training and monthly membership calls, we talk more about this.  I know I’m all about the numbers, so I put together some guidelines of what consistency should look like. 

If you are brand new to social media and content, your first goal should be to create 5 pieces of content a day. That includes posting on 2 channels and creating 3 stories.

If you are a bit more experienced with social media, your goal should be 10 pieces/day (4 channels, 1 video/blog post, 5 stories).

And if you are an expert on social media, you should be somewhere around 15 pieces of content a day (6 channels, 1 video, 1 blog post, 7 stories).

You may be wondering, “how the heck to do I create all that content each day?”  Content Planning and Content Repurposing

The videos you create should drive your content for the rest of the week. You shouldn’t be spending hours and hours creating social media posts, videos, and stories. It should be a fairly simple, but strategic process.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be strategic.

It stays hard when you keep doing it alone. When you have to have all the answers and all the strategies and all the things!  It’s SImply Online when we realize that when we do it all ourselves.  When we lean into others instead of trying to navigate ourselves.  

So, create a plan and be consistent.  Your audience, your ROI, and your bank account will thank you. 

Wrap Up

To wrap up, what do you need to do to create crazy good results for the rest of 2020? 

You need to be using video. 

You need to have a plan.

You need to be posting consistently. 

There is still time, my friend, to get the results you want on social media. There is still time to increase your revenue for 2020. 

Let’s link arms and do it together!  Are you with me??