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500 Million+ Instagram accounts are active every single day!

Say what?? 👂

Are you one of them?  You should be!

Seriously. You should be engaging on Instagram every single day.  

But guess what?  It doesn’t have to be hard or all time-consuming. 

I’m going to share my favorite tips for keeping up with engagement on the ‘Gram and the latest trends. 👏👏👏

So, during this 4-week series, I’m exploring the social media platforms and sharing how to best use them. Week 1 was all about Facebook.

In case you missed last weeks post, I want to review some of my favorite tips to being successful on Instagram.

My favorite tips to be successful

  1. You have to be active. Social media is about being social. It’s common for people to come to me and say “Here – you just do it all. I don’t like social media.” That’s great, you can outsource, but you have to be active too. We give our clients a list every week of things we need them to do on social media (and we manage the posting). If you are working with an outsourced social media company, ask them about that too.
  2. Don’t make it all about you. If you want people to listen, you have to answer their questions, speak to them, make them feel heard. If you are only talking about what you are selling and not providing value, people won’t listen and will unfollow you.
  3. Use a variety of different mediums. This is why I love repurposing content so much. It makes it easy to create blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts using the same content. If you want to learn more about how we do this, check out the Multiply Your Message Blueprint. The next round is starting this month!
  4. Be consistent with your brand. Whatever platform people visit, it should look and feel the same across all of them. Use the same voice, colors, fonts, message, etc. so you are cohesive

All Things Instagram

Did you know that there are 100 million photos uploaded every day to Instagram?

That’s a freaking lot of content.  It’s important that you are consistent with your message and branding so you stand out.  If you need some help with branding, I recommend Amber with Your Brand By Design. She is brilliant.

How often do you post?

We recommend to our clients to start posting daily Monday through Friday. Once you have a few weeks of data, then you can review it and know what your audience is responding to. Then you can make adjustments as needed. More than anything – consistency is the most important!

Most brands need to post 5-7 days a week.  Some brands post multiple times a day, but I wouldn’t worry about that yet if you are just beginning. Focus on consistency, then you can increase the number of posts each day.

What to Post

Before you get super overwhelmed and stop reading, keep in mind, you aren’t coming up with new ideas every day.  Repurposing content works great for this. (Learn more about that here.) You can also re-use posts that worked well for you in the past. And don’t forget to have a call to action at least 20% of the time.

My favorite way to use Instagram is to Use  MY OWN quotes as images. You can use other people’s quotes, but that’s not educating your audience on you. That’s just sharing a feel-good quote. Use that as an opportunity to share your message and your words. You will be amazed at how many people start sharing your own words!

One last thing, make your grid aesthetically pleasing.   I like to have a couple of branded templates to use and intermix with photos of me and my business. I also like to use Planoly because I can see what my grid will look like before I share it share it.


InstaStories are short snippets of video or a photo that stay active for 24 hours. After that, they disappear. They are most commonly used for day to day happenings (and your feed is for more preplanned value posts). You can also save them to the highlight bubbles on your profile.

Use multiple stories to convey one message, so someone has to tap through 3-5 times to see/hear the whole message

What to Post

There are a lot of options and even more tutorials online of how to use InstaStories. Some of my favorite ways are stickers, polls, questions, hashtags, filters, video, links, shopping, and boomerang.

You can link to favorite blogs, tag biz besties, promote affiliate links. It’s a great place to interact with your audience and show your personality.

Videos do tend to perform better than still photos, so make sure you are utilizing video too.

Instagram Live & IGTV

I also want to briefly touch on Instagram Live & IGTV. They can be good part of your marketing plan too if Instagram is one of the main platforms you use.

My personal opinion with Instagram Live is to use it if you aren’t using Facebook Live. The clients we work with that use BOTH Instagram Live and Facebook Live tend to get a little overwhelmed. So pick one and be consistent (are you surprised I am focused on consistency still?? 🙂 )

If Instagram is your main marketing platform, then definitely use Instagram Live. If Facebook Live works well for you, then use that.

Last but not least, IGTV. This works great for pre-recorded video. We like to use it to post our Facebook Lives to get a bigger audience.

There isn’t a whole lot of data here because Instagram hasn’t released numbers as to how well it works.  If you are just starting out, don’t worry about IGTV. There are plenty of other places to be active.

Long story short, If you are brand new to Instagram, start with posting a few times a week and work your way up to daily and using stories.  It takes practice and consistency. 

Are you ready to learn more about repurposing content? Check out the Multiply Your Message Blueprint!

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