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How To Measure Increased Visibility

News Flash: Metrics matter.

In almost every part of our life, we measure success. We measure when we go to the gym, what money we spend, and how we raise our kids.  Is what we’re doing paying off?

If something isn’t working, we try something else or adjust our behavior to correct our course.  

The question is, are you paying the same attention to your visibility marketing strategy?  Do you know if your actions result in increased brand awareness? 

If your answer is no, it’s time to start measuring the metrics that matter and get more bang for your time.

How Do You Know Your Social Media Strategy Is Performing?

The answer to this question depends a lot on what your goal is. 

Nearly all businesses and entrepreneurs aim to make money and build a loyal customer base.  

But for those business owners just starting or struggling, success is simply being seen and heard in a crowded and noisy global marketplace.

Visibility marketing is the social media strategy you use to stand out, attract the attention of your ideal clients and win the trust that turns prospective customers into paying ones.

If your social media strategy performs well, your audience will be engaged through connections, subscribers, fans, and followers. If those engagements are increasing, then what you’re doing is working.

But to get a handle on what’s working and what could work better, you need data; thankfully, your social media accounts can give you all the information you need.

Essential Social Media Metrics to Measure

Social media gives you access to the world and a massive pool of potential clients.  When you’re measuring metrics, you’re actually looking for your reach.  In other words, how many people are getting the opportunity to see your brand?  

The bigger the reach, the more visibility you have and the more potential customers you can impress.

So here’s what to measure:


Is your content being shared beyond your immediate audience?  Did one or two blog posts or articles get a lot of attention?

If something works, do more of it because you’ve addressed a pain point or people are hungry for your expertise. 

If your content isn’t being shared or only in a limited way, then it’s time to switch up your content and offer value no one else is.


If you dig into your data, you’ll see how many impressions your content has.  Impressions are critical to measure if you are working on brand perception and awareness.

Impressions tell you how often your content appears in someone’s timeline.  The more impressions, the more visibility you have.

But measuring this metric alone won’t give you the complete picture.


How are people responding to your content?  Are they sharing, asking questions, or starting a conversation?

If your impressions are high, but your engagement is low, your content isn’t hitting the mark.  If your impressions and engagement are high, you’re most likely going viral!

See what content has high engagement and impression count and create more like it.

Referral Traffic

Use Google analytics and social media metrics to determine what content drives people to your e-commerce or service website.  Are people intrigued to find out more?  

If your social media referral traffic is low, your message is getting lost, and it’s time to try something different.

Why it matters

Your time is precious, so it’s important that what you do is effective and achieves your business goals. 

There’s no point doing the same thing over and over, hoping it will catch attention which is why visibility marketing should be where you focus your time.

Take a moment to measure the metrics that matter so you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.  Find out what your audience is hungry for and feed them.

Doing so will increase your visibility and capture your ideal client’s attention.

Need some help creating a strategy to increase your visibility?  We’ll do the research.  We’ll create the strategy.  And you implement.  

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