As I looked around last night at dinnertime, I wondered where everyone was. Dinner was ready – and the kids were off having an adventure outside. There was ZERO way they were going to come in for something as insignificant as food (especially since it wasn’t chicken nuggets or toast). So I kept dinner hot (without burning it!) while I rounded everyone up. Thank goodness for that “warm” setting on the crock pot – am I right?

Your social media is kind of like dinner. You’ve got to keep it in that perfect zone so that your audience comes ready to see and share what you’ve posted (and ready to buy!).

You can’t just set your Facebook profile on the back-burner and ignore it…

You wouldn’t do that with dinner, would you? Not unless you wanted to burn dinner. Or risk burning the house down. So why would you do the same with your social media?

NO! You want to keep it warm, but you’ve still got to watch it. How do you do that?

Well, let’s take a look at a part of your Facebook profile that you probably haven’t touched in quite some time: your cover photo. Seriously – how long has that been sitting there?

If you want to get on Facebook’s “nice” list, you’re going to want to change that sucker every month. Why? It lets Facebook know that you’ve got someone standing at the stove, watching dinner so it doesn’t burn. It lets your audience know that there’s somebody there – paying attention and ready to jump in if needed.

On the other hand, too many chefs ruin the soup!frogs-computer-facebook-social-networks-laptop

If you haven’t heard that, think about how it would be to cook with seven people in your kitchen. You’re making some sort of soup (let’s go with stew, because stew is delicious!) and you don’t know whether or not Aunt Matilda added the red wine vinegar yet or not. So you throw some in, only to find out that both Great-aunt Gertrude and Cousin Noah already added it, too.

Stew – ruined. Unless you *like* a ton of vinegar in your stew. Ewww…

Okay, so your Facebook page doesn’t have chefs. But it *does* let you have admins, moderators, editors, and managers. Sure, it’s easier to just give everyone admin status. But having more than 1-2 admins significantly *LOWERS* your Facebook page’s status in the algorithms.

So downsize to only 1-2 admins, ‘mkay?

It’s little tricks like these that will help your Facebook profile get – and STAY – smokin’ hot in their algorithms. And, if your page ranks higher on the “nice” list in the algorithms, it means that more people see your posts. You’ll get a higher engagement. And, as that happens, Facebook will show your page and posts to even MORE people.

Now that’s a great way to get some organic growth going! Now if only Facebook would only cook dinner for us, we’d be set.

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